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Vacuum ion coating and its classification

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Vacuum ion plating (ion plating for short) is a new surface treatment technology which is developed rapidly in the 1970s, which was proposed by D.M. Mattox of Somdia Company in the United States in 1963. It refers to the process of using evaporation source or sputtering target to evaporate or sputter the film material in the vacuum atmosphere.


The former is to generate metal vapor by heating and evaporating the film material, which is partially ionized into metal vapor and high-energy neutral atoms in the gas discharge plasma space, and reaches the substrate to form a film through the action of the electric field; the latter uses high-energy ions ( For example, Ar+) bombards the surface of the film material so that the sputtered particles are ionized into ions or high-energy neutral atoms through the space of the gas discharge, and realize the surface of the substrate to form a film.

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Post time: Mar-10-2023