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  • Evaporation technology development history introduction

    Evaporation technology development history introduction

    The process of heating solid materials in a high vacuum environment to sublimate or evaporate and deposit them on a specific substrate to obtain a thin film is known as vacuum evaporation coating (referred to as evaporation coating). The history of the preparation of thin films by vacuum evapora...
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  • ITO Coating Introduction

    ITO Coating Introduction

    Indium tin oxide (Indium Tin Oxide, referred to as ITO) is a wide band gap, heavily doped n-type semiconductor materials, with high visible light transmittance and low resistivity characteristics, and thus widely used in solar cells, flat panel displays, electrochromic windows, inorganic and orga...
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  • Lab vacuum spin coating machine

    Laboratory vacuum spin coaters are important tools in the field of thin film deposition and surface modification. This advanced equipment is designed to accurately and evenly apply thin films of a variety of materials to substrates. The process involves the application of a liquid solution or sus...
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  • Ion beam assisted deposition mode and its energy selection

    Ion beam assisted deposition mode and its energy selection

    There are two main modes of ion beam-assisted deposition, one is dynamic hybrid; the other is static hybrid. The former refers to the film in the growth process is always accompanied by a certain energy and beam current of ion bombardment and film; the latter is pre-deposited on the surface of th...
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  • Ion Beam Deposition Technology

    Ion Beam Deposition Technology

    ① Ion beam assisted deposition technology is characterized by strong adhesion between the film and the substrate, the film layer is very strong. Experiments have shown that: ion beam assisted deposition of adhesion than the adhesion of thermal vapor deposition increased several times to hundreds ...
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  • Vacuum Ion Coating

    Vacuum Ion Coating

    Vacuum ion coating (referred to as ion plating) is the United States in 1963 Somdia company D.M. Mattox proposed, the 1970s has been the rapid development of a new surface treatment technology. It refers to the use of evaporation source or sputtering target in a vacuum atmosphere so that the film...
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  • The film layer in coated glass remove way

    Coated glass is divided into evaporative coated, magnetron sputtering coated and in-line vapor deposited coated glass. As the method of preparing the film is different, the method of removing the film is also different. Suggestion 1, Using hydrochloric acid and zinc powder for polishing and rubbi...
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  • The Role of Cutting Tool Coatings-Chapter 2

    Even at very high cutting temperatures, the use life of the cutting tool can be extended with coating, thus significantly reducing machining costs. In addition, cutting tool coating can reduce the need for lubricating fluids. Not only reduces material costs, but also helps to protect the environm...
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  • The Role of Cutting Tool Coatings-Chapter 1

    Cutting tool coatings improve the friction and wear properties of cutting tools, which is why they are essential in cutting operations. For many years, surface processing technology providers have been developing customized coating solutions to improve cutting tool wear resistance, machining effi...
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  • Introduction of Different Vacuum Pumps in Vacuum System

    The performance of various vacuum pumps has other differences besides the ability to pump vacuum to the chamber. Therefore, it is very important to clarify the work undertaken by the pump in the vacuum system when choosing, and the role played by the pump in different working fields is summarized...
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  • Ceramic Floor Tiles sputtering vacuum coating machine

    The sputtering vacuum coating machine utilizes advanced technology to apply thin film coatings to ceramic floor tiles. This process involves the use of a vacuum chamber to deposit metallic or compound coatings onto the surface of the tiles, resulting in a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish...
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  • Auto Parts Metallizing Vacuum Coating Machine

    One of the key factors driving this trend is the growing awareness of the importance of using high-quality coatings on auto parts. These coatings not only enhance the aesthetics of the parts but also provide protection against corrosion and wear, ultimately extending the lifespan of the auto part...
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  • Glass Ceramic Tiles Gold Plating Machine

    The glass ceramic tiles gold plating machine utilizes advanced techniques to apply a thin layer of gold plating onto the surface of the tiles, creating a stunning and luxurious appearance. This process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tiles but also provides added protection against ...
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  • Principles of substrates and film selection

    During the film preparation process, the substrate can be selected according to the following force surface: 1. According to different application purposes, select Gold Show or Alloy, Glass, Ceramics and Plastic as a substrate; 2. The structure of the substrate material is corresponding to the fi...
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  • The surface shape and thermal expansion coefficient of the substrate on the film

    Facing the growth of the film has a very important impact. If the surface roughness of the substrate is large, and more and more combined with surface defects, it will affect the attachment and growth rate of the film. Therefore, before the vacuum coating starts, the substrate will be pre -proces...
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