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  • Vacuum Sputtering Coating Revival and Development

    Vacuum Sputtering Coating Revival and Development

    Sputtering is a phenomenon in which energetic particles (usually positive ions of gases) hit the surface of a solid (below called the target material), causing atoms (or molecules) on the surface of the target material to escape from it.   This phenomenon was discovered by Grove in 1842 when...
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  • Characteristics of magnetron sputtering coating Chapter 2

    Characteristics of magnetron sputtering coating Chapter 2

    Characteristics of magnetron sputtering coating (3) Low energy sputtering. Due to the low cathode voltage applied to the target, the plasma is bound by the magnetic field in the space near the cathode, thus inhibiting the high-energy charged particles to the side of the substrate people shot. The...
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  • Characteristics of magnetron sputtering coating Chapter 1

    Characteristics of magnetron sputtering coating Chapter 1

    Compared with other coating technologies, magnetron sputtering coating is characterized by the following features: the working parameters have a large dynamic adjustment range of coating deposition speed and thickness (the state of the coated area) can be easily controlled, and there is no design...
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  • Ion beam assisted deposition technology

    Ion beam assisted deposition technology

    Ion beam assisted deposition technology is the ion beam injection and vapor deposition coating technology combined with ion surface composite processing technology. In the process of surface modification of ion injected materials, whether semiconductor materials or engineering materials, It is of...
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  • Experiment vacuum coating machine

    In recent years, significant progress and breakthroughs have been made in the field of vacuum coating technology. This is only possible due to tireless efforts in experimentation and research. Among the many machines used in this field, experimental vacuum coating machines are key tools for achie...
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  • CVD technology working principles

    CVD technology working principles

    CVD technology is based on chemical reaction. The reaction in which the reactants are in gaseous state and one of the products is in solid state is usually referred to as CVD reaction, therefore its chemical reaction system must fulfill the following three conditions. (1) At the deposition tempe...
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  • Glasses lens optical vacuum coating machine

    In today’s fast-paced world, glasses have become an integral part of our lives. These seemingly simple accessories have evolved from necessity to fashion statement. However, many people are unaware of the intricate process that goes into creating a perfect pair of eyeglass lenses. This is w...
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  • Application of optical thin film in biomedical field

    Application of optical thin film in biomedical field

    In the biomedical optical detection technology using spectral analysis, there are three representative analysis methods UV-visible spectrophotometry (photoelectric colorimetry), fluorescence analysis, raman analysis, respectively, to achieve different levels of biomedical detection of tissues, ce...
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  • Characterization of optical thin films

    Characterization of optical thin films

    The characterization of optical thin film includes the characterization of optical properties, optical parameters and non-optical properties, the optical properties mainly refer to the spectral reflectance, transmittance and optical loss (absorption loss and reflection loss) properties of optical...
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  • Mobile phone nanometer coating machine

    The mobile phone industry has witnessed exponential growth and advancement in recent years. As millions of people around the world rely on mobile devices for communication, entertainment and a variety of daily activities, demand for cutting-edge technology has surged. Introducing the mobile phone...
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  • Vacuum coating machine technology – a prominent technology in modern industry

    In the era of advanced technology and continuous development of industry, vacuum coating machine technology has become a prominent technology for various applications. This cutting-edge approach has revolutionized many fields, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more. By combining s...
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  • Aluminum silver coating equipment

    Recent advances in aluminum silver coating equipment have introduced several innovative features. For example, some models now have built-in monitoring systems that continuously analyze the coating process to ensure optimal performance and consistency. This real-time data enables operators to mak...
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  • Watch accessories vacuum coating machine

    Watch accessories vacuum coating machines are state-of-the-art equipment designed to apply a thin protective layer to the surface of watch components. These machines use advanced vacuum technology to ensure an even and reliable coating, thereby enhancing the watch’s resistance to scratches, corro...
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  • Sputter deposition machines: advances in thin film coating technology

    Sputter deposition machines, also known as sputtering systems, are highly specialized equipment used in the thin film deposition process. It works on the principle of sputtering, which involves bombarding a target material with high-energy ions or atoms. The process ejects a stream of atoms from ...
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  • Pvd coating on jewelry

    In recent years, PVD jewelry coating has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts around the world. This innovative technology involves depositing a thin layer of durable material on the surface of jewelry, enhancing both its durability and beauty. Known for its exceptional qualities, PVD coat...
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