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Oxidation resistant CVD coating equipment

  • Chemical vapor deposition series
  • Designed for antioxidant needs
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    The equipment mainly adopts chemical vapor deposition to prepare oxide film, which has the characteristics of fast deposition rate and high film quality. As for the equipment structure, the double door structure is used to improve the clamping efficiency, and the latest liquid gas supply system is adopted to ensure stable and controllable flow and effectively ensure the process stability. The film prepared by the equipment has good water vapor barrier and longer stable period in boiling test.
    The equipment can be applied to stainless steel, electroplated hardware / plastic parts, glass, ceramics and other materials, such as electronic products, LED light beads, medical supplies and other products that need oxidation resistance. SiOx barrier film is mainly prepared to effectively block water vapor, prevent corrosion and oxidation, and improve product life.


    Optional models inner chamber size
    ZHCVD1200 φ1200*H1950(mm)
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