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GX2700 Electron beam evaporation coating equipment

  • Large diameter customizable
  • Multiple self rotating umbrella stands
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    The equipment adopts the electron beam evaporation technology. Electrons are emitted from the cathode filament and focused into a certain beam current, which is accelerated by the potential between the cathode and the crucible to melt and evaporate the coating material. It has the characteristics of high energy density and can evaporate the coating material with a melting point of more than 3000 ℃. The film has high purity and high thermal efficiency.
    The equipment is equipped with electron beam evaporation source, ion source, film thickness monitoring system, film thickness correction structure and stable umbrella workpiece rotation system. Through ion source assisted coating, the compactness of the film is increased, the refractive index is stabilized, and the phenomenon of wavelength shift due to moisture is avoided. The full-automatic film thickness real-time monitoring system can ensure the repeatability and stability of the process. It is equipped with self melting function to reduce the dependence on the operator's skills.
    The equipment is applicable to various oxides and metal coating materials, and can be coated with multi-layer precision optical films, such as AR film, long wave pass, short wave pass, brightening film, AS / AF film, IRCUT, color film system, gradient film system, etc. It has been widely used in AR glasses, optical lenses, cameras, optical lenses, filters, semiconductor industries, etc.

    Optional models

    GX900 GX1350 GX2050
    φ900*H1050(mm) φ1350*H1500(mm) φ2050*H1650(mm)
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