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Double door magnetron optical coating equipment

  • Design of roller type + male rotation workpiece holder
  • Special for mobile phone industry
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    With the rapid growth of mobile phone industry demand, the loading capacity of traditional optical coating machine can not meet this demand. ZHENHUA has launched magnetron sputtering optical coating equipment to meet this demand.

    (1)The workpiece rack adopts cylindrical design, with large coating area. The product loading capacity is twice that of the electron beam evaporation equipment of the same specification. The workpieces rack is designed with revolution and rotation structure, which can adapt to workpieces of various shapes and is more widely used.
    (2)Using the medium frequency magnetron cylindrical target sputtering system and the ion source auxiliary system, the coating film is compact, with high and stable refractive index, strong adhesion, and is not easy to adsorb water vapor molecules. In various environments, the film maintains more stable optical performance than the film deposited by the traditional electron beam evaporation equipment.
    (3)Equipped with a crystal control monitoring system to accurately control the film thickness, the process has high stability and good repeatability. SPEEDFLO closed-loop and automatic control system can effectively improve the deposition rate of SiO2.
    (4)The thermostatic fixture design can effectively control the product temperature, and can adapt to ultra-thin PET and PC products.

    The equipment can be used to deposit TiO2, SiO2, Nb2O5, In, Ag, Cr and other materials, and can realize various optical color films, AR films, spectroscopic films, etc. It has been widely used in PET film / composite plate, mobile phone cover glass, mobile phone middle frame, 3C electronic products, sunglasses, perfume bottles, crystals and other products.

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