Zhenhua Optical Coating Machine has been upgraded according to the market demand.Zhenhua has ultra-multi-layer precision optical coating machines specializing in the manufacture of optical lenses, as well as large-scale gradual change optical coating machines based on the demand of mobile phone manufacturing industry. In 2018, Zhenhua grandly launched the large optical machine GX-2700 to the market. The equipment can be coated with gradual change effect, and the innovative clamping method achieves super-large loading capacity, breaking the bottleneck of small loading capacity of traditional optical machines.

Optical coating equipment can realize the coating of 0-99 layers, and can also meet the coating requirements of automotive reflective glass, telescope, spectacle lens, optical lens, cold glass and other products.

 In addition, the optical coating equipment can also be applied to the anti-fingerprint glass and metal anti-fingerprint, anti-rust, anti-fouling and nano-coating of the touch panel. Anti-fouling film (AS), also known as waterproof film or anti-fingerprint (AF film), mainly deposits organic fluoride materials onto the substrate by vacuum coating technology, so that the surface of the substrate is waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fingerprint, Anti-pollution and other functions.

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