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Auto-Lamp protective film coating equipment

The automobile lamp protection film machine is used for the automobile lamp protection film, and is designed for automobile and motorcycle lamps. The evaporation aluminum coating and the radio frequency plasma coating protection film are completed in the vacuum chamber. The equipment adopts advanced plasma polymerization protective film technology. It is equipped with a resistance heating evaporation system to realize the production and technical requirements of the aluminum reflective film and the polymeric protective film of the automobile lamp. According to the special production of high-end automotive lamps, the equipment is equipped with PLC automatic control system, which improves production efficiency and guarantees product quality. The plated plasma protective film has passed the national standard test of automobile lamps, and has passed the standards of acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt resistance test.

Application: It is specially designed for the coating of metal aluminum reflective film and transparent protective film for various types of automobile lamp reflectors, especially the special coating equipment for the production of high-end automobile headlights.

Features: Automatic coating equipment for reflective lampshade, high-power electrode plate bombardment, symmetrical electrode evaporation, fully automatic control. It has the characteristics of uniform film layer, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and water resistance in line with international standards. It is resistant to external corrosion by nanotechnology. The process of evaporating aluminum plating and plating protective film (bombardment + aluminizing + bombardment + inflatable body + plating protective film) is once completed in the vacuum chamber to prevent secondary pollution. 10.4 inch interface touch screen, PLC configuration software, can fully operate the entire process flow.

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