Evaporation series coating equipment is basically divided into traditional Evaporation coating machine and new Auto-lamp(car lamp) protective film coating equipment. Traditional evaporative coating machine is widely used in plastic products industry. Customers often cooperate with spraying process to produce products. The most common parts in life are cosmetics packaging, wine bottle caps, mobile phone plastic parts.

Zhenhua's innovative lamp protective film equipment is specially designed for the manufacture of automobile lamp(car light) cups. Combined with the coating principle of CVD, the lamp cup injection parts can be directly into the coating equipment to complete the whole set of surface treatment process, without spraying, after finishing the coating, the finished product can be assembled directly as the car lamp. Considering the large demand of products in the Chinese market, Zhenhua introduced ZBM1819, a large-scale double-door auto-lamp(car light) protective film coating equipment to the market, realizing the advantages of large loading capacity and high efficiency, and breaking through the small loading capacity of large international brands machine . Zhenhua's auto-lamp protective film coating equipment responds to the requirements of the continuous improvement of product technology and market progress. It has achieved the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and environmental protection, and has been widely recognized by the automotive industry. We have cooperated with BYD Automobile, Valeo and other big brand customers for more than 10 years.

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