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The optical coating machine can be used for coating multiple optical films

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① Anti-reflection film. For example, cameras, slide projectors, projectors, movie projectors, telescopes, sight glasses, and single-layer MgF films coated on lenses and prisms of various optical instruments, and double-layer or multi-layer broadband antireflection films composed of SiOFrO2, AlO, TiO2 and other films.


② Reflective film. For example, aluminum film of large astronomical telescope, reflective film of optical instrument, high reflective film of various lasers, etc.

③ Spectroscopy and filter. For example, the multilayer film on the red, green and blue primary color filters used in the color expansion and amplification equipment.

④ Anti-thermal mirror and cold light film used in lighting source.

⑤ Light control film and low reflection film used in buildings, cars and aircraft. For example, Cr, Ti, stainless steel, Ag, TiO2, Ag-TiO , and ITO film.

⑥ Optical storage film in compact discs and optical discs. For example, Fes1GesSOz magnetic semiconductor compound film and TeFe Co amorphous film.

⑦ Dielectric film and semiconductor film used in integrated optical elements and optical waveguides.

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Post time: Mar-10-2023