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Roll to Roll Coating Equipment

Magnetron sputtering roll to roll coating equipment can be used to deposit various dielectric films on flexible substrates by magnetron sputtering, such as SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3, SnO2, ZnO, Ta2O5, etc.; metal and alloy films such as Al, Cr, Cu , Fe, Ni, SUS, TiAl, etc.; Transparent conductive film can be plated with ITO, AZO and other ceramic targets; AR anti-film, HR high anti-film, AR+ITO highly conductive film, Low radiation low-e and sunshine control film are coated with multi-layer optical film structure. The  coating film mainly used for car, train, ship and other front and glass door and window film, building doors and windows and curtain wall film, anti-static and electromagnetic film, decorative film and packaging film, solar greenhouse film, electric heater film, anti-frost film, The FPD flat panel display uses a transparent electrode film. An optical multilayer film is coated on the metal strip to form a thin film solar cell. For example, the ITO transparent conductive film can be used as a cold luminescent material. The surface of the cotton cloth can be made of SiO2 to prevent electromagnetic radiation. The Ni-plated sponge can be used as a nickel-hydrogen battery. The substrate coated with various materials can be used. E-books, flexible display devices, etc.

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