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Top Finish is a luxury decorative metal parts manufacturer from Italy, and is a century-old enterprise. They specialize in supplying the decorative metal parts of handbag for luxury brands. Their customers include internationally renowned brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and so on.

Due to capacity requirements and coating process requirements, customers need to add a new coating equipment, which mainly used for producing dark black metal parts. Mr. Daniel is technical director of TOP FINISH , he contacted with us and sent us some samples, ask us to make samples for him to see whether our coating process can meet their customer’s request. After two samples production and technical discussion, ZHENHUA designed a new model of coating machine ZCL1316 according to the particularity of the product requirements of TOP FINISH. The design of the equipment optimizes the design of the vacuum chamber, making the vacuum pumping speed faster; secondly, optimizes the coating process and control system, making the operation of the equipment more convenient and humane.
After finish the internal inspection of equipment in ZHENHUA , TOP FINISH arranged two engineers to make acceptance and training the operation of equipment. They were very satisfied with the equipment and expressed a new understanding of the equipment and technology in China.
Now that the equipment has been put into production, in the same year TOP FINISH also recommended his good friend MAMI SRL to purchase our PVD coating equipment.

Kloeckner is a company from the United States, it is one of the largest, most diverse decorative metals distribution and processing organizations in the world. The product line includes nearly every grade, size, alloy, shape and chemistry in stainless, aluminum and carbon steel.
After talking about the product requirements and coating process on emails, Kloeckner's leader finally decided to come to China to visit our company and discuss the details of the equipment. The customer's coating process requirements for the product are very demanding, which requires high adhesion with waterproof and anti-fingerprint effect. According to customer requirements, we have added a waterproof and anti-fingerprint coating system to the existing magnetron sputtering coating equipment. After many tests, our proposal is successful. Finally , we cooperated with the customer after optimizing the solution according to the details of the local electrical and circuit requirements in the United States.
The equipment has been put into production in Kloeckner in 2018. The overall design of the equipment is beautiful. The wiring is neat. The performance of the customer feedback equipment is stable, and the product yield is high, which truly maximizes the benefits for the customers.

Our customer Mr Joseph Met is a mobile phone component manufacturer from USA.

He has a mobile phone cover processing factory in China now. His business is mainly come from a variety of well-known mobile phone brands factories.In order to increase the production capacity of coating equipment, Mr Joseph Met began to look for professional vacuum coating equipment manufacturers. When he searched our official website, he learned that Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional vacuum coating equipment manufacturer and have R&D, sales,production and service departments,can offer a very good service to customers. He is very interested in our factory.

In Aug 2019, Mr Joseph Met came to visit our company. After communicated with Zhenhua's process engineers, Mr Joseph Met's requirements is confirmed.We recommended our GX2700 PVD optical vacuum coating machine to him which is newest and have stable running performance, the most important is the machine have biggest capacity. The inner chamber size of the GX2700 is: Ф2700*1950mm, equipped with one set imported electron gun, USA brand film thickness gauge and ion source, can make AR/AF film on glass, PET film or plastic composite board. And also include color film, gradient film and non-conductive bright silver film layer can be coated on those surface. As the market's pursuit of the appearance of mobile phones continues to escalate, the gradient color is increasingly sought after by the market. Mr Joseph Met is very excited about this machine.

After discussion,sample making and visits, Mr Joseph Met gave a very high affirmation to our company strength. And he was very satisfied with our GX2700 optical vacuum coating machine. Finally, he decided to purchase 10 sets machines for the new factory.

ZCT2245 large-scale multi arc PVD sputtering coating machine, the structure of the top open cover type, with 2 sets of workpiece clamping frame for easy loading and unloading products. The machine is equipped with 48 sets of multi arc titanium targets. The high-quality vacuum pumping system is used in combination with the cryogenic(poly cold) system, so the coating cycle of the PVD coating machine is short and the production efficiency is very high. The inner chamber of the machine has a diameter of 2200mm and a height of 4500mm. It has a very large capacity and is suitable for large-scale stainless steel furniture decorative parts, such as chair foot, table foot, screen, support frame, display rack, stainless steel door, etc. Our customers have been using the machine for more than 2 years, and the operation of the machine is very stable. The single cyclee time is about 20 minutes, and the coating uniformity is good. It can coat titanium gold, rose gold, gun black, cooper/bronze color and other effects, which has brought benefits to customers.


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