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ZHL1800 double door evaporation machine

ZHL1800 double door evaporation coating machine is an ideal equipment for obtaining cheap and beautiful plastic surface metallizing decoration. After vacuum coating, it can be spray painting into gold, silver, red, purple, blue, gray, black, colorful and many other colors.It has the function of improving the quality of the product and showing the magnificent appearance.It is widely used in plastics, such as ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, nylon, ceramic, resin, glass, toys, decorations, handicrafts, mobile phone shells, electronic products, lighting accessories, cosmetic packaging and other industries. Zhenhua vacuum has a patented work-piece rack technology. Its speed is stable and adjustable. It has unique plating design electrode distribution, tungsten wire clamping is convenient, the upper and lower work-piece film is uniform, and has the characteristics of large yield and high product yield.

           Normal Evaporation Coating process

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