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Zhenhua Vacuum in the vacuum coating machine for many years

Zhenhua Vacuum in the vacuum coating machine for many years


Zhenhua Vacuum in the vacuum coating machine for many years

Zhenhua Vacuum adheres to the concept of green coating technology. Over the years, it has focused on the development and manufacture of various vacuum coating machines. In recent years, it has also made great progress in functional material film and composite film. Coating equipment is widely used in aerospace, electronics, optics, machinery, construction, light industry, metallurgy, materials and other fields. It can be used to prepare films with wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, decorative, conductive, insulating, photoconductive, magnetic, lubricating, superconducting and other characteristics. With the development and manufacture of Zhenhua Vacuum in the vacuum coating machine for many years, Zhenhua has made many breakthroughs in the vacuum coating technology, such as multi arc ion plating and magnetron sputtering composite technology, large rectangular long arc target and sputtering target, unbalanced magnetron sputtering target, twin target technology, strip fiber dimension fabric winding coating technology, etc.

vacuum coating machine

The optical film is realized in a high-vacuum coating chamber. Conventional coating processes require raising the substrate temperature (usually about 300°C); while more advanced technologies, such as ion assisted deposition (IAD), can be performed at room temperature. The IAD process not only produces films with better physical properties than conventional coating processes, but also can be applied to substrates made of plastic.

Figure 19.11 shows an operator in front of the optical coater. The main vacuum system consists of two cryopumps. The control modules for electron beam evaporation, IAD deposition, light control, heater control, vacuum control and automatic process control are all on the front panel of the coating machine.

Figure 19.12 shows the hardware layout assembled on the substrate of the high vacuum coater. Two electron gun sources are located on both sides of the substrate, surrounded by a ring cover and covered by a baffle. The ion source is in the middle, and the light control window is in front of the ion source. Figure 19.13 shows the top of the vacuum chamber. In the vacuum chamber there is a planetary system with 6 circular fixtures. The fixture is used to place the optical components to be coated. Using a planetary system is the preferred method to ensure that the evaporated material is evenly distributed in the fixture area. The fixture rotates around a common axis while rotating around its own axis. The light control and crystal control are in the middle of the planetary drive mechanism, and the drive shaft shields the crystal control. The large opening on the back leads to an additional high vacuum pump. The substrate heating system consists of 4 quartz lamps, two on each side of the vacuum chamber.

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