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ZHENHUA’S PVD sputtering coating machine

ZHENHUA’S PVD sputtering coating machine


ZHENHUAS PVD sputtering coating machine

PVD vacuum coating machine

In recent years, because of the great toxicity of traditional electroplating,and magnetron sputtering coating equipment technology just makes up for many electroplating defects,PVD sputtering coating machine technology has been widely used. At present, there are many PVD sputtering coating machine manufacturers in China, but there are not all of them are always focusing on PVD sputtering coating machine for many years. There are not many experienced and large-scale machine manufacturers in China. Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional and large-scale PVD sputtering coating machine manufacturers. This kind of PVD sputtering coating machine is not like ordinary machines, and its technical content is very high. Therefore, before choosing PVD sputtering coating machine, you must first understand it. Due to the high technology content of PVD sputtering coating machine, ZHENHUA has a very strong technical, R&D, production, assembly and after-sales engineering service team. As a senior manufacturer of vacuum coating equipment industry, ZHENHUA can design machines suitable for customers according to the product process and special requirements of customers.

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