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Zhenhua celebrate for the 2022 China Spring Festival

Zhenhua celebrate for the 2022 China Spring Festival


Zhenhua celebrate for the 2022 China Spring Festival


How time flies, The year of the 2021 is almost over. Looking back on this year, although the epidemic virus still exists, we have overcome many difficulties, completed the established work and tasks and achieved gratifying results. And the coming year is the tiger year. So Guangdong Zhenhua company held a party to welcome the year of the tiger and an annual commendation meeting on January 15. The meeting was mainly led by the human resources department of the company and made various preparations. All departments responded positively and enthusiastically to show their songs and dances. The process of the party is mainly divided into four steps: recognition of excellent employees, speech by the chairman, literary and artistic performances and games, and lucky draw.

In 2021, the excellent employee and team are more than ever before. Because of so many excellent employees that there are many excellent departments. When the leaders awarded the certificates to them, thunderous applause broke out immediately, applauding their initiative and courage.

Then the chairman took the stage to make a speech. First of all, he thanked all colleagues of Zhenhua for their hard working; he summarized the achievements in 2021, and pointed out some deficiencies, he said: "if an enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, it should not only be satisfied with the current situation, but also make continuous progress. If an enterprise wants to develop, it must change its mind and grow. If you don't change your mind and you will remain complacent, stagnate and never make improvement...". Our chairman's words were thought-provoking and sounded an alarm for everyone. Although we have made improvement in the year of the 2021, how should we meet the year of the tiger? For example, in sales marketing, technology research and development, internal management, excellence design and production? This is a question that every Zhenhua person should thinking.


After the speech, there will be the witty and diverting program showed by various departments: PMC's dance "Fan Dance" is dynamic and enthusiastic, and the technical "fancy swimming" is unique and won applause. After the talent show, there will be an exciting lottery and small games that make people laugh. The prizes are all kinds of practical household appliances and digital products, such as Huawei mobile phones, air fryers, water heaters, etc. When other prizes were awarded by famous flowers, the final special prize was drawn by President liang of the company. The scene suddenly quieted down, everyone hung their hearts and waited to guess who will get the special prize. Finally, the colleague of the production department won the prize. He smiled and thanked the company, he said that In the coming year, he would work harder.

The happy annual meeting came to a perfect end with a lot of laughter. The guiding ideology of our chairman at the annual meeting has also written a preface for our new chapter of the year of the tiger. Next, we will work together to meet the year of the tiger and write a gorgeous new chapter.

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