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Zhen Hua company produces vacuum coating machine products

Zhen Hua company produces vacuum coating machine products


Zhen Hua company produces vacuum coating machine products

The Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co.,Ltd (formerly known as: Zhaoqing Zhenhua Vacuum Machine Company) is established in 1992. Located in 321 national road, the Zhenhua Technology cover a area of about 50arc(inculding 10800m2 modern production centre).In  2008, we setup the Dawang production branch in Zhaoqing Dawang High-tech industrial park. The branch centre has over 100 arc of space, and with office building, researching centre and standard production centre.

The Zhenhua Technology has all the reseaching, sales, production and serve department. Our main product: Optical coating machine, high class plastic coating machine, multi-arc magnetron coating machine, in-line coating machine. Our products is widely applied to optical, electronic, toys, construction metarial,metal, watch and clock, auto industrial and decoraction application With all the well production facility such as production centre, polishing centre, CNC machine and leak detector, we has very strong production ability.

The strong and professional technical team, the Zhenhua Technology develop vary kinds of coating machine depend on the requirement of marking, which lead Zhenhua Technology to the edge of industry. The Zhenhua Technology not only devote to provede the core coating machine and technical support to our customer, but also the whole production solution and swift after-sale server, which maximize the production capacity as well as the financial profit.


 vacuum coating machine


Company Name: Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co.,Ltd 

ADD: Zhenhua Industrial Park(321 State Rd near Blue Ribbon beear Factory), Yungui Rd, Zhaoqing Avenue West Block, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

TEL: 86-0758-2787078 / 2787178 / 2787278/2787378

After-sale hotline: 86-0758-2787378

Accessory hotline: 86-0758-2727280

Fax:  86-0758-2787698

ADD of Shenzhen agency: R718,Jinluan Times Tower, Heping east Rd, Longhua new district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province

Sales hotline: 86-0755-26500053

Fax:  86-0755-26500678

The vacuum film ion plating machine is a kind of highly efficient and pollution-free ion, which has the advantages of fast deposition speed, high ionization rate, large ion energy, simple equipment operation, low cost and large production.

The principle of vacuum ion coating is based on the evaporation and ionization of materials by cold cathode self-sustaining arc discharge plasma, combined with pulse bias technology, to improve the energy and activity of deposited particles and enhance the performance of the film. It can not only be coated on the surface of metal products, but also on the surface of non-metal products; it can be coated with metal films, titanium nitride, titanium carbide, zirconium nitride, chromium nitride, nickel, chromium, copper and other compound films, multilayer super dura, multi-component compound films, titanium nitride mixed with gold films, etc. Arc ion coating is widely used in super hard coating of tools and moulds, decoration coating of automobile wheel hub, golf tools, clocks and watches, hotel supplies, sanitary ware, lamps, spectacle frames, hardware products, ceramics and glass, etc.

Ion plating is a vacuum chamber, using gas discharge or partial dissociation of the evaporated material to deposit the evaporated or reactant on the substrate while bombarded by gas ions or particles of the evaporated material. The combination of glow discharge, plasma technology and vacuum evaporation can not only improve the film quality, but also expand the application of the film. The advantages of the film are strong adhesion, good diffraction and wide range of film materials. D. M. the principle of ion plating is put forward for the first time. The working process is as follows:

First, the vacuum chamber is pumped to a vacuum of more than 4 × 10 (- 3) Pa, then the high-voltage power supply is connected, and a low-temperature plasma area of low-pressure gas discharge is established between the evaporation source and the substrate. The substrate electrode is connected with 5kV DC negative high voltage to form a glow discharge cathode. The inert gas ions generated in the glow discharge area enter the dark area of the cathode and are accelerated by the electric field, which bombards the substrate surface and cleans it. Then it enters into the coating process, heating to vaporize the plating material, starting atoms into the plasma area, colliding with inert gas ions and electrons, and a small part of it is ionized. The ionized ions and gas ions bombard the coating surface with high energy, which improves the coating quality.

However, there are great differences between multi arc ion plating and general ion plating. Multi arc ion plating adopts arc discharge instead of glow discharge. In short, the principle of multi arc ion plating is to use the cathode target as the source of evaporation, and make the target evaporate through the arc discharge between the target and the anode shell, so as to form plasma in space and deposit the substrate.

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