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ZCK1600 magnetron sputtering coating machine of Zhenhua vacuum

ZCK1600 magnetron sputtering coating machine of Zhenhua vacuum


This paper introduces the working principle and advantages of ZCK1600 magnetron sputtering coating machine of Zhenhua vacuum.

PVD vacuum coating machine

When our product using ZCK1600 magnetron sputtering coating machine to make PVD coating, first we should clamp the product which finished pre-treatment into vacuum chamber, then turn on the coating machine start to pumping vacuum, when the vacuum chamber is vacuumized to the required vacuum pressure, the vacuum coating process can be started. We can choose the coating process according to the material and the requested coating effect of the product. Before coating, the product may be heated or ionization cleaned in the container.

Common faults and treatment methods of vacuum coating machine

Coating frequency does not stop:

   1. Check whether the frequency parameter setting is correct

  2. Does the molybdenum boat ammeter have instructions?

  3. Is there silver in the molybdenum boat?

  4. Whether the monitor film hops frequency

  5. Is the correction coefficient wrong?

  6. Have the monitoring film been replaced after abnormal withdrawal?

Frequency not tested:

   1. Replace the monitoring film

  2, check whether the test shrapnel is deformed

3. Use a 5MHz crystal to directly insert the oscillator input to measure the frequency. If the frequency proves to be a problem with the probe, if there is no frequency, use a counter to measure whether the output frequency of the oscillator is abnormal. If there is no normal output, the oscillator has a problem. Normal output but no computer display proves that there is a problem with the control card.

None of the control valves act:

   1. Check whether the 5V power supply has output and whether it is connected properly

  2. Check whether there is power at the common terminal of the power supply on the solid state relay board

Individual control valve does not operate

   1. Check whether the corresponding solid state relay has output

Work without reaching the vacuum level:

   1. The digital vacuum gauge has abnormal numbers, and there is no change within 30 seconds, such as 0.00-4 (common in domestic vacuum gauges)

  2. The black pointer still does not swing after 30 seconds after the vacuum gauge is turned on

Surveillance film usage principles

   1. The surface of the monitoring film should be cleaned

  2, the monitoring film should be plated as it is used, and it is prohibited to use it when exposed to the air for more than 12 hours

  3, the monitoring film and its surface are forbidden to use

  4. Record the batch during use, and it is strictly forbidden to mix the new and the old

  5. The repeated service life of the monitoring film is 3 times.

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