You've just had your annual eye examination and

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-05
Stop! Breathe! Read on! Buying eyeglasses need no longer be a stressful experience - either for the sake of convenience, comfort or affordability. As the online world advances, optical retailers have hit the World Wide Web and are ensuring that all your optical needs and wants can be fulfilled with just a few clicks and in the comfort of your own home. Why should you have to deal with the pressure of being watched and hurried while choosing that perfect eyeglasses frame? Today, all you need is a full, recent eyeglasses prescription (including your pupillary distance measurement), an Internet connection and a relevant online method of payment, and the world of online eyeglasses is all yours - at up to 70% less than what you would pay at an offline retailer. Not only that but these eyeglasses equal the quality, if not exceed it, of those sold offline - AND they will arrive at your desired destination with no need for you to go out of your way to collect them. Just remember, your optometrist and/or eye care specialist is required by Federal Law to give you your prescription. Even though they may try to convince you otherwise, you do not need an offline retailer to sell you your new specs - especially when they can cost you so much more and there is no difference in quality. When you ask for your prescription, they need to give you your prescription - end of story! Now, armed with your eyeglasses prescription, choose a time when you are relaxed and have time to kill and surf the huge variety of glasses online thinking about which materials, styles, and colors work with your facial features, describe your personality and fit your lifestyle. Once you have an idea of what kind of frame you want, you should also always use a site with a virtual mirror. With this you can upload a head and shoulders photo and try out a variety of frames on your image, compare them, and then even email it on to family and friends to get their two-cents worth. Following this, you need to choose a lens that is right for your prescription. If you have a simple prescription, you can choose the standard lenses but if your prescription is high, it's better for your eyes to select a thinner lens. You should also think very carefully about which coatings you would like included. Although price is always a factor to consider, you should not try to cut corners when it comes to the protection of your eyeglass lenses. Any optical specialist will always advise that you at least opt for the addition of the anti-scratch coating to help preserve the life of your lenses as well as the UV protective coating for protection against the sun. Don't worry, even with these inclusions you will spend a huge percentage less than you would have at an offline eyeglasses store. So now you know that the web hosts a wide variety of frames - suitable for any and all members of your family - at a fraction of what they cost offline. Why even think of looking elsewhere to buy glasses? Take a look for yourself - we guarantee that there's a high quality pair of discount eyeglasses just waiting for you online!
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