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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-17
They have technology partnership agreements with leading US, European, Middle and Far East companies that allow us to offer the latest products and technical support. All products are developed with the end use in mind. This international capability provides you with the best solution over a compromise solution everytime.They have the resources and expertise to develop products to suit particular customer requirements. You explain the problem or need and X-Calibur will provide an effective solution. If they cannot we will tell you so.We specialize in providing the highest level of technical service. This is fundamental to the way to do business. They know that they are working in an engineering environment with customers who have a high level of knowledge and expect sound professional advice. Some products can only be installed by professional applicators. X-Calibur will clearly identify these products and have Registered Applicators who have sufficient resources to ensure correct application of the product.X-Calibur offer training in the use of all products. Your investment in this service offers pay back almost instantly as efficiency is increased and wastage reduced. Burj Dubai Lake & Fountain Program Burj Dubai Lake, January, 2009 An area of 20,000 square meters of the lake was previously used as a temporary lake to capture storm water runoff and had been subjected to bacterial growth. These areas were cleaned to remove bacterial growth and then treated with X-Treat Sanitizer to sanitize the surface of the concrete to prevent future bacterial growth. Surface preparation was completed using a captive blasting technique. Six captive blast teams were able to prepare 6000m2 of concrete surface per day. This process produced a lightly exposed aggregate finish that revealed all the bug holes (blow holes). X-Shield Bug Fill, a two component high-build thixotropic epoxy resin, was used to fill bug-holes and surface imperfections prior to coating the lake bed. Depending upon the age and condition of the host concrete either X-Shielf Fast Primer or X-Shielf MT Primer was applied by roller at a thickness of 200 microns. X-Shielf Fast Primer was used for the majority of the lake bed as the concrete was older than 28 days old. X-Shield MT Primer, a moisture tolerant primer, was used on concrete that was between 7 and 28 days old or where the concrete had been subjected to rainfall or high humidity immediately prior to coating. X-Shield RG40 S, a two component aliphatic polyaspartic coating was chosen to provide a long term, UV stable coating to the lake bed. X-Shield RG40 S was applied using twin line spray equipment. Up to 6 spray teams worked up to 18 hours per day to achieve the required out put. The lake bed was coated in two colors to give the effect of deep and shallow water. The coating system has a life expectancy of over 20 years.
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