would you add these pocket watches to your collection?

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-03
From high-
Avril said that the jewelry pocket watch compared with the retro-style pocket watch adds some grade to your collection
What does Ann blaganza have more dignity than taking out an elegant watch on a Black Watch
Tie event, or add it to your outfit for a dream vintage wedding. Sophisticated collectors have stirred up interest in vintage and classic time tools such as pocket watches.
Here are some amazing things to decorate your pocket.
Reference 57260 is a special piece because it was created by the three main watchmakers of the brand within eight years. Cased in 18-
Carat platinum, driven by mechanical winding motion.
This gorgeous double
Dial pocket watch with 60-
The hourly power reserve has 57 complex features, many of which are new and unique, including multiple calendars and double retrograde rattrapchronograph timetables.
The watch also features Hebraic and Gregorian perpetual calendar features, Armillary sphere Tourbillon and Westminster Carillon eye-catching features, alarm clocks and night-silence.
The watch features a metal dial and is crafted on demand.
Pocket with some style of the family-
Accumulate the hunter pocket watch on 1890.
This watch with a retrograde date is the pioneer of the perpetual calendar with an annual calendar.
The date is shown by a retrograde central pointer, depicted by the sun, depicted by a carved disk, and the moon in the Oval
The aperture of the shape, and the month on the sub-dial.
What\'s amazing is that it\'s the perfect accessory for literary reading and intellectual discussion nights.
This exquisite pocket watch features a carefully crafted 18-carat yellow-
Gold case with a grand Feu enamel dial.
The Swiss army travel alert pocket watch, powered by a quartz movement, uses a metal casing. This chic-
Look watch has a silver dial with eye-catching numbers and glowing hands.
Powered by the Swiss
It also features an alarm function.
This pocket watch can be more perfect when traveling or camping and camping. This watch is 99 feet waterproof and can withstand rain and water flowers, but will not take a bath or dive.
This watch can be ordered in India but can only be purchased in Delhi.
The mechanical skeleton of Tissot Bridgeport is referenced in the past, but it is very modern due to technical reasons
The advanced skeleton case reveals Switzerlandmade hand-
Winding mechanical movement below.
The instrument is stainless steel this time.
Steel case with Rose
Gold Physical deposition coating option for added vintage beauty.
Now, who doesn\'t want to show off this beauty in front of a gentle black man?
This pocket watch is the first savonnette at the heart of the shuttle\'s amazing skeleton movement.
Not only can this product please watch enthusiasts, but it can also create fashion accessories in its retro style.
Panerai\'s watch for 3 days Oro Rosso showcases elegance and sophistication with a red or white gold case.
These two are limited.
Each version of 50 units is collected.
The back of the watch can be opened to reveal the hand-
Mechanical movement of wounds.
This instrument has a brown dial with the sun.
Classic Panerai style brushed finish with large baton hour markers and numbers at the base point.
The watch is equipped with a three-day power reserve. The 40-
The centimeter watch chain is completely made of red gold, and the spiritual source is self-navigation sea chain.
The watch comes with a special stand that can be placed on it when it is not worn, turning it into a unique table clock.
Piaget\'s watch was made for wow.
1995 Adam Ritto is a tall
Platinum Jewelry Watch, 1 brilliant-
Cut and 67 French sticks-cut diamonds (approx. 12. 81 cts), 35 baguette-
Cut diamonds and Sapphire (2)approx. 8. 32 cts).
It has a mother. of-
Pearl and lapis dial with minute repeater function, calendar, moon phase and split-
Timing in seconds.
The 1981 pocket watch of gold and crystal has an invisible setting of 221 diamonds (approx. 6. 86 cts)
And 314 rubies (approx. 92. 02 cts)
Powered by one hand
The wound bones move.
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