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Working Principle of Evaporative Vacuum Coating Machine

Working Principle of Evaporative Vacuum Coating Machine


Working Principle of Evaporative Vacuum Coating Machine

evaporation coationg machine

The material that needs to be coated is called the substrate, and the material to be coated is called the target. The substrate and the target are in the same vacuum chamber.

Evaporation coating generally heats the target material to evaporate the surface components in the form of radicals or ions. And it settles on the surface of the substrate and forms a thin film through a film-forming process (scattered dots-island structure-vagus structure-layered growth). For sputtering coatings, it can be simply understood as bombarding the target with electrons or high-energy lasers, and the surface components are sputtered out in the form of radicals or ions, and finally deposited on the surface of the substrate, undergoing the film forming process, and finally forming a thin film .

The evaporative vacuum coating machine uses resistance heating in a vacuum chamber to melt and vaporize the metal wire that is close to the resistance wire, and the vaporized metal molecules are deposited on the substrate to obtain a smooth reflectivity film to achieve decoration and beautification. The purpose of the surface of the item. It is an ideal equipment for obtaining cheap and good-quality plastic surface decoration. Plastics with any background color can be plated into gold, silver, red, purple, blue, gray, black, colorful and other colors after vacuum coating. The appearance is more luxurious.

Evaporative vacuum coating machines are widely used in plastics (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC), nylon, ceramics, resin, glass and other materials, toys, ornaments, handicrafts, mobile phone cases, electronic products, lighting accessories, cosmetic packaging and other industries . High-power evaporation system, thyristor control, high repeatability, high stability, unique penetration electrode design, excellent workpiece rotation structure, stable and adjustable speed, large output and high yield rate.

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