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​Working principle and maintenance of optical coating equipment

​Working principle and maintenance of optical coating equipment


Working principle and maintenance of optical coating equipment

The working principle of optical coating machine: using electron beam to heat metal or non-metal materials to a suitable temperature in a high vacuum state, and the material will evaporate into vapor molecules after heating. The mean free path is greater than the distance from the evaporation source to the evaporation substrate, and the evaporated vapor molecules are guided everywhere and deposited on the surface of the substrate to form a thin film.

The maintenance of optical coating equipment mainly includes the overhaul and maintenance of the optical path, the installation and maintenance of the electron gun, and the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

1. Maintenance and installation of electron gun evaporation source control system: The electron gun evaporation source control system is an electron gun control cabinet composed of electron gun high voltage power supply, scanning power supply, filament power supply, crucible driving power supply and evaporation source. There is high voltage in the electronic cabinet controlled by the electron gun. Before work, it is necessary to ensure that all interlocking devices of the cabinet door work normally. Non-professionals are not allowed to open the cabinet door. When the electron gun is working, it is forbidden to open the cabinet door. The entire cabinet must be well grounded and connected to the machine ground.

2. Maintenance and inspection of optical path: The premise of optical path adjustment is to ensure the correct access and integrity of modulated light source head, DC stabilized power supply, optical fiber, photoelectric conversion amplifier, grating monochromator, optical film thickness gauge and special cables. In particular, the grounding points of the optical film thickness gauge and the photoelectric conversion amplifier must be respectively assigned to the host contact and firmly grounded.

3. Cleaning of optical coating equipment: After the equipment is used for a week, the coating material is not only coated on the surface of the workpiece, but also coated on the lining board of the studio due to non-orientation, and the coating thickness is getting thicker and thicker. The film thickness of this layer is loose due to the organization and winding, and absorbs a lot of gas, which causes the pumping of the vacuum coating equipment to become slower and slower. Therefore, the working room and the liner must be cleaned up at this time. If parts are removed unnecessarily, they can be sanded.

Fourth, the maintenance of optical coating equipment: 1. Regularly replace the diffusion pump oil, use for a period of time, about two months. In a long-term high temperature environment, although the diffusion pump is started under high vacuum, the oxygen and other components still remain and react with the diffusion pump oil. The diffusion pump oil may crack at high temperatures, causing its quality to decrease and the pumping time to prolong. When we feel that the time has been extended too much, we should replace it. 2. The quality of the mechanical pump oil and vacuum pump maintenance pump oil will change after two months of use. Because the oil may absorb moisture, impurities, etc., the viscosity of the used oil becomes worse, the vacuum degree drops, and it needs to be replaced. If it is a new equipment, it should be replaced in the first half month of use, because during the running-in period, the oil contains more iron powder during the running-in period, which will increase the wear. 3. Clean and sanitation Keep the equipment and its surroundings clean regularly, organize the surroundings of the equipment to ensure safety.

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