With the rapid growth of the optical industry,

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-04
Prescription sunglasses can be customized with bifocal or progressive lenses. You can consider buying a safety goggle with ultraviolet ray coating if you want to wear it at the workplace. That is to say, you should select them based on your personal demands and preference. So if you need prescription sunglasses, you can immediately go to optical stores. Research shows that the chief reason for number of vision related disorders is the ultraviolet rays. The damage caused by the ultraviolet rays like cataract is mostly irreversible. With the rise of the chlorofluorocarbons in the air, the ultraviolet rays find it easier now-a-days to reach your eyes and thus, more ultraviolet rays enter your eyes. Thus, it is so urgent to wear prescription sunglasses especially in hot summer days. The prescription sunglasses all also offer the anti-reflective coating which reduces the amount the light getting reflected back to the eyes, leading to a clearer vision. As the ultraviolet rays get reflected from the softest of the surfaces, anti-reflective coating is almost an equal partner to the ultraviolet coating in protecting your eyes. For your own sake, it is necessary to select prescription sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy.
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