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Why use Glass coating by PVD Vacuum coating machine

Why use Glass coating by PVD Vacuum coating machine


Why use Glass coating by PVD Vacuum coating machine

With the development of the economy, normal grade glass has become unable to meet people's latest requirements.The solar control film and the low-radiation film can make up for the shortcomings of normal grade glass in this respect. PVD Vacuum coating on glass can meet the requirements of lowering indoor temperature in low latitudes.PVD coating on Glass is mean coating a layer of TiO2 on glass which can make it have the functions of anti-fog, anti-dew and self-cleaning glass.This process is widely used on automotive glass nowadays and it is very effective.

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Those who are more concerned about the glass industry may often hear people mention coated glass. We often come into contact with all kinds of glass materials, but because many people do not have a deep understanding of the glass industry, various problems have arisen around it. In order to help you understand the types and advantages of coated glass, and solve your doubts, we have compiled this article, hoping to help.

1. What are the types of commonly used coated glass?

Sunlight Control Glass

        Online solar control coated glass is a kind of coated glass that has a good control effect on sunlight. The product has stable physical and chemical properties and can be widely used in various buildings, lighting windows, etc.

        High-transmittance LowE glass

        High-transmittance LowE glass has high visible light transmittance, high solar transmittance and far-infrared emissivity, so it has excellent lighting performance, more solar heat radiation through the glass, excellent heat insulation performance, and is suitable for the cold north High-permeability buildings in areas and parts of the area highlight natural lighting effects.

        Sunshade LowE glass

        The sun-shading LowE glass has a certain shading property for the indoor line of sight, can prevent solar heat radiation from entering the room, and restrict the secondary heat radiation from outdoor in summer to enter the room. It is applicable to the south and the north. Because of its rich decorative effect and outdoor sun-shading effect, it is suitable for all kinds of buildings.

        Double silver LowE glass

        Double silver LowE glass highlights the sun-shading effect of glass on solar heat radiation, combining the high light transmittance of glass with the low transmittance of solar heat radiation, and has high visible light transmittance, which can effectively limit Outdoor background heat radiation in summer enters the room.

Second, what are the benefits of glass coating

1. To prevent oxidation and aging of the paint surface, the real glass coating does not contain petroleum components, and after construction, a hard inorganic (glass crystal) film will be formed on the surface of the car paint, which is closely combined with the car paint and will never fall off. The car paint is completely isolated from the air, which can effectively prevent the car paint from oxidation and discoloration caused by external factors.

        2. Corrosion resistance. The hard non-organic (glass crystal) film layer itself will not oxidize, but also prevent external acid rain, flying insects, bird droppings, etc. from corroding the car paint. The dense glass crystal film has super corrosion resistance, and the coating can effectively prevent acid rain Damage to car paint caused by corrosive substances, while preventing the fading of car paint.

        3. High temperature resistance. The glass crystal itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, which can effectively reflect the sunlight and effectively reflect the external heat radiation to prevent the high temperature from damaging the car paint.

        4. Anti-scratch. The hard non-organic (glass crystal) film layer can increase the hardness of the car body surface to 7H, which is much higher than the hardness of car wax or glaze 2H-4H, which can better protect the car paint from sand and gravel.

        5. Easy to clean. The ion plating film has super self-cleaning and water repellency, and it is not easy to adhere to dust and stains. Only clean water can be used to achieve the cleaning effect, so that the vehicle maintains high cleanliness and gloss.

        6. Ultra-lasting strong toughness and extensibility, usually protect the surface brightness of car paint, form a mirror effect for more than 2 years, far more than waxing and sealing glaze.

        7. Super water repellency. The surface of the hard non-organic (glass crystal) film has super water repellency after being treated with fluorine, which makes the water drop into droplets and slips when it falls on the car body, effectively preventing the formation of scale.

        8. Ultra-environmentally friendly use of water-capacity and environmentally friendly materials, it does not oxidize itself, and will not cause secondary pollution to car paint, while traditional waxing and sealing projects are likely to cause secondary pollution to car paint.

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