Whenever you and I get on a 747 jumbo jet, the

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-18
How would you like it, however, if you happened to board a 747 jumbo jet in which the pilot greeted you, just before lift-off, with: 'Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Today, we will be flying at 10,000 metres and we expect good weather. Be advised we have on board the latest avionics - computer-assisted GPS and we can stay up in the air for 18 hours because we are full of jet fuel. Also be advised, unfortunately, I haven't got the foggiest idea where I'm going! The good news is I do expect a tail wind, so wherever we are going, we're going to get there extra fast.'? I don't know about you, but I would want to get off that second plane! Unfortunately, this is where many people live all their lives - full of fuel, full of potential, full of ability. While they possess all that it takes to reach any destination in life, sadly, they don't have the foggiest idea where they're going! Therefore, they fly around in circles, burning up resources, wasting time and sputtering jet fuel! What a great waste of human resource. 'Most people aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy.' - Author unknown In the 1950s, a survey was conducted on the graduating class of Harvard Business School. Only 4% of the graduating class had written clear goals. Twenty years later, a follow-up study was done - the 4% who had set clearly written goals had achieved more in every area, including financially and professionally, than the rest of the class combined! 'The purpose of goals is to focus our attention. The mind will not reach towards achievement until it has clear objectives. The magic begins when we set goals. It is then that the switch is turned on and the power to accomplish becomes a reality.' - Author unknown The reason why goal setting produces power to achieve is it programs our Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS is a tiny network of brain cells attached to the brain stem. Approximately 10 centimetres long and shaped like a quarter apple it is the part of the brain which alerts us to, and screens out, incoming information based on how we program it. For example, after perusing the brochure of, or after taking a test-drive in, a little red sports car, you would perhaps be surprised at how many little red sports cars you would see on the road over the next few days. This is because your RAS would be alerted to be on the lookout for little red sports cars. Normally, this input data would be deleted or would simply pass through your mind without your awareness. Once the switch was turned on inside your RAS, however, anything resembling a little red sports car, even opportunities to purchase one, would become apparent. To illustrate how your RAS can help you achieve your mission in life, allow me to share a metaphor. Before a 747 jumbo jet takes to the sky, its pilot programs the on-board flight computer so the craft will fly towards a specific destination. Programmed incompletely or non-specifically, the plane would wander and drift aimlessly. Conversely, once a definite destination is locked into the autopilot, the craft steers itself through a self-adjusting system until it reaches its intended destination. Likewise, once your RAS has been alerted to your mission, your brain will take you there because it's a goal-seeking device. It is important to realize that one can however help you to discover it. Once you define your mission, you can then motivate yourself- the same intensity and strength of purpose that has fueled destinies is available to you when you know what you want and unleash the power of your desires.
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