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When metal vacuum coating machine is performing ceramic metallization evaporation coating

When metal vacuum coating machine is performing ceramic metallization evaporation coating


When metal vacuum coating machine is performing ceramic metallization evaporation coating

When performing ceramic metallization evaporation coating, the 95% Al₂O₃ ceramic parts are first ground and cleaned, and then wrapped with aluminum foil. Only the parts of the ceramic parts that need to be metalized are exposed and installed in the vacuum chamber of the evaporation coating equipment. When it reaches 4* When the vacuum degree is 10⁻³Pa, preheat the ceramic parts until it is between 300°C and 400°C, and then keep it warm for about 10 minutes. Start steaming Ti and then Al to form a metal film. A layer of 2µm thick Ni is plated on the Al metal layer, and finally an oxygen-free copper sheet with a thickness of 0.5mm is used to seal the ceramic parts with AgCu28 solder in a vacuum furnace.

PVD vacuum coating machine

The vacuum coating machine is: the evaporation coating is generally to heat the target material to evaporate the surface components in the form of atomic groups or ions, and settle on the surface of the substrate, through the film forming process (scattered point-island structure-vagus structure-layered growth ) Form a thin film. For sputtering coatings, it can be simply understood as using electrons or high-energy lasers to bombard the target material, and the surface components are sputtered out in the form of radicals or ions, and finally deposited on the surface of the substrate, undergoing the film forming process, and finally forming a thin film .

So while using it, how do we take care of it and take good care of it so that it can live longer?

Generally, the diffusion pump has been used continuously for more than 6 months, the pumping speed is obviously slow, or the operation is improper, fill the atmosphere, remove the connecting water pipe, remove the electric stove plate, unscrew the first-stage nozzle, first use gasoline to pump the pump cavity and the pump bladder Clean it again, then wash with detergent and water, and then rinse thoroughly with water. After the water evaporates, install the pump, add new diffusion pump oil, and install it back to the body, connect the water pipe, and install the electric hob. , The vacuum coating equipment can be restarted. Before restarting, pay attention to leak detection.

The method is: start the maintenance pump and close the door. After a few minutes, observe whether the vacuum degree of the diffusion pump reaches 6X10 Pa. Otherwise, leak detection is required. Check whether a sealing rubber ring is installed at the joint or the sealing ring is crushed. Heat up after removing the hidden danger of air leakage, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn the ring and the vacuum coating equipment cannot enter the working state.

The method is: repeatedly scrub the inner wall of the vacuum chamber with a saturated solution of caustic soda (NaOH), (note that the human skin should not directly contact the caustic soda solution to avoid burns). The purpose is to make the coated aluminum (AL) react with NaOH. The layer falls off and releases hydrogen. Then clean the vacuum chamber with clean water and clean the dirt in the fine suction valve with a cloth dipped in gasoline. 

When the rough pump (spool valve pump, rotary vane pump) works continuously for one month (half in the rainy season), new oil needs to be replaced.

The method is: unscrew the oil bolt, drain the old oil, and then start the pump for a few seconds to completely drain the old oil in the pump. Tighten the oil plug and add new oil to the rated amount (observed by oil sight glass). After using for more than half a year, the oil cap should be opened when changing the oil, and the dirt in the tank should be wiped with a cloth.

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