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What types of products can be coated with vacuum coating equipment?

What types of products can be coated with vacuum coating equipment?


What types of products can be coated with vacuum coating equipment?

Products coated with vacuum coating equipment can be divided into the following categories:

1. Resin coating products

It is characterized by good film formation, strong adhesion and low price, and is widely used, but its hardness and gloss are not good, and its anti-oxidation performance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance are poor, so it is gradually eliminated.

2. Fluorine coating products

Good film formation, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance are all excellent. But its biggest disadvantage is poor adhesion, almost all substances do not adhere to the Teflon coating. Because it cannot adhere to the paint surface for a long time, its protection time becomes very short.

3. Glass cellulose coating

Glass cellulose is a chemical polymer material, which is used in the field of car beauty because of its high-density chemical properties. The main component of such products is polysiloxane, which will form Sio2 commonly known as glass after film formation, so it is also called vitreous coating. Glass cellulose coating has the characteristics of high gloss, anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, and UV resistance. good protection. The disadvantage is that it cannot improve the hardness of the paint surface and cannot resist physical damage to the paint surface. The cost of raw materials is high, and the construction process is relatively complicated.

4. Inorganic nano-coating

This is a new coating material that has appeared in recent years. It adopts imported raw materials and advanced nano-crosslinking reaction technology, and is formulated from nano-inorganic materials. The unique characteristics of nano-materials can provide perfect protection for car paint. Its main components are nano-alumina and nano-silica; the nano-level particles are spherical and have extremely high lubricity, so the paint surface feels extremely smooth after construction. Aluminum oxide and silicon oxide are the main components of natural gems and crystals, so the hardness and wear resistance of the film layer are extremely high, and they are very stable and do not oxidize for a long time. It can maintain the mirror effect of the paint surface for a long time. Therefore, it is also called "liquid crystal". The biggest feature of the coating is that it can not only isolate the direct contact between the paint surface and the outside world, but also play the basic functions of anti-oxidation, waterproof, high temperature protection, UV protection, anti-static, anti-acid and alkali, etc., but also greatly improve the hardness of the paint surface. Gloss, a feature that other automotive coatings lack.

Of course, improving the hardness of the paint surface does not make the paint surface invulnerable, but in normal use, such as car washing and traveling, it can effectively prevent the hard sand from scratching the paint surface, and effectively reduce the paint surface spiral pattern. Also known as Sun pattern, etc., make the paint last as new.

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