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What types and characteristics does vacuum coating equipmen​t include?

What types and characteristics does vacuum coating equipmen​t include?


What types and characteristics does vacuum coating equipment include?

Common vacuum coating equipment can be divided into evaporation winding coating, magnetron sputtering winding coating and combined winding coating according to its working principle.

Evaporative winding film coating equipment can be divided into three types: continuous, semi-continuous and intermittent according to the evaporation process, and can also be divided into: single-chamber, double-chamber and multi-chamber winding film coating equipment due to different equipment structures. Mainly used for vacuum evaporation film on the surface of plastic, cloth, paper, steel strip and other strip materials, as food metallized packaging materials, reflective materials, thermal insulation materials, surface decoration materials, electrical materials and various signs, labels, trademarks and other decorative materials . Widely used in packaging, decoration, printing, textile, food, anti-counterfeiting, cigarette, electronic industry and other fields.

The working principle and characteristics of magnetron sputtering wire-wound coating machine: using magnetron sputtering (DC, intermediate frequency, radio frequency) method to deposit various metals, alloys, compounds, ceramics and other materials on flexible substrates, single-layer or multi-layer coating.

Suitable for various coating dielectric film systems (silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide, SnO2, ZnO, Ta2O5, etc.), conductive films (ITO, azo) on flexible substrates, based on "augmented reality" "Technical film, reducing human resources High-reflection film, low-e low-e film, alloy film and metal film (aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, nickel, SUS stainless steel, titanium aluminum alloy, etc.) are mainly used for: flexible circuit boards , ITO transparent conductive film, thin film capacitors, automotive/train/ship films, thin film solar cells, flexible solar cell FPD flat panel displays, flexible display devices, etc.

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