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What technical data should be measured for vacuum evaporation coating equipment?

What technical data should be measured for vacuum evaporation coating equipment?


What technical data should be measured for vacuum evaporation coating equipment?

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The vacuum Evaporation coating equipment is a kind of coating equipment which adopts heat evaporation deposition process, such as Cu, Ag, Au metal or other materials like SiO₂ deposited on the substrate.The evaporation coating not only can used in semiconductor substrate film coating, but also can used in the production of solar cells and others. The evaporation are same as sputtering, both belong to PVD coating technical.

About the ultimate pressure in 7 * 10 ⁻3 to Pa ~ 7 * 10 ⁻ ⁴ P for vacuum evaporation equipment, there have some several basic data we need to measure:

 (1)Testing conditions: the same condition as the ultimate pressure.

 (2)Testing Method:  If degassed is allow, there need to be pumping more 4 hours after Pumping the chamber vacuum to reach stable ultimate pressure. Then close the vacuum vale which was connecting the coating chamber to the pump set and waiting for the coating chamber’s pressure rise to  P₁1Pa), and then start to record the time, after 30mins, the pressure is P2,then we calculated the rise rate as below formula:



R: rate of the pressure rise: Pa/h

P1: Initial pressure: Pa

P2: Termination of the pressure: Pa

T: The time from initial pressure to termination pressure: H


3Resistance evaporator electrification test

① cleaning the chamber size

 put the evaporation material and resistance evaporation electrification in place

 pumping the coating chamber vacuum below to the working pressure

 turn on the evaporation power, and start to heat up

Each evaporator heater shall operate normally at 50A~130A current and 4V~20V voltage and let the evaporator into incandescent

Finished the evaporation, the materials on the evaporator are complete evaporate off.

⑦ Finished the testing.


4. The heating uniformity on the effective heating area in the Baking device


①Pumping the vacuum chamber’s pressure into the working pressure environment

②Turn on the baking device supply power

③Maintain about 10 minus after the temperature reach the most higher baking temperature

④Use sensor to measure about 3-5 position from effective heating area at the same time

Reflect the biggest temperature difference from these 3-5 position

Calculated the average temperature of these 3-5 position temperature difference

Obtained the heating uniformity


The vacuum evaporation coating equipment is similar to most other PVD processes, and the heat evaporation coating film also is a high vacuum processes too.

According to the different evaporation material and the different performance of the required film, it can provide different evaporation source , such as the linear, spray or special evaporator, it can be achieved super higher deposition rate.

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