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What is the material of the PVD vacuum coating machine shell?

What is the material of the PVD vacuum coating machine shell?


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What  is the material of the PVD vacuum coating machine shell?

In many vacuum equipment, there are two commonly used materials for the shell, its metal and glass. In contrast, metal vacuum equipment has the advantages of better mechanical strength and easy to achieve high-precision processing; while glass equipment has the characteristics of transparency and electrical insulation, making the internal conditions of the equipment easier to observe, The high-frequency heating method can be used to degas the metal parts inside the equipment. In addition, the high-frequency spark gun can be used for leak detection and easy processing. However, because glass has the characteristics of brittle and fragile material, the shell of vacuum coating machine mostly uses metal as the main construction material, and glass is often used as the main material of the observation window.
The main component of the shell material of the vacuum coating equipment is metal. At present, metal vacuum shell materials mainly include metals and alloys based on Al, Cu, and Fe. Such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, red copper, oxygen-free copper, aluminum, copper, aluminum, nickel steel or iron. Among them, stainless steel, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and low out-gassing rate, is an excellent material commonly used in vacuum coating machine housings. In addition, due to the low diffusion rate of hydrogen in aluminum, the material has a low out-gassing rate after baking. Therefore, this type of material is also the main material for the casing of ultra-high vacuum equipment that is expected to be further developed.

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