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What is the main design point for the vacuum ion cleaner’s ion source?

What is the main design point for the vacuum ion cleaner’s ion source?


What is the main design point for the vacuum ion cleaner’s ion source?

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Kaufman ion source is the most important part of vacuum ion cleaner, it usually take Argon gas as working medium, the pressure range for the working environment request is 10⁻¹Pa~10⁻²Pa. When heating the cathode filament to an incandescent state, it can emit electrons, and add some positive voltage volts to the anode to obtain a glow discharge of inert argon. The plasma produce from the discharge and Filter out uniform and collimated ion beam, so it need to design a set of ion extraction system.In order to etch non-conductor materials without accumulating positive charges on the surface of the work-piece, it needs to installed a emits electrons with hot wire neutralizer , which can neutralize the argon ion beam into an argon atom beam to etch the surface of the sample.


Therefore, The ion source of ion cleaner should be composed of ion extraction system, discharge chamber, grounding shield and neutralizer, etc.

The main design of structure as follow two points:


1、Design of plasma bridge neutralizer


Due to the strong corrosive effect of chlorine-based and fluorine-based active ions in the reactive ion beam on the hot wire neutralizer, Its necessary to design a plasma bridge neutralizer for Efficiently etch samples of non-conductive materials. The neutralizer structure is detachable.

The structure of the device is mainly composed of a shell, a lead-out electrode, an anode cylinder and a tantalum wire cathode. Take stain steel cylinder as outer shell and take stain steel wafer as lead-out electrode with small holes, and Fixed double-shielding ceramic on the shell body.


2、Design of hollow cathode ion source


The anode adopt with 200mm diameter, adopt non-magnetic stain steel cylinder to make the shell of discharge chamber, adopt high rate of magnetic  conductive ‘s low carbon steel material to make Discharge chamber bottom plate, screen electrode shoe and cathode shoe.The permanent magnetic rod of al-Ni-Co 5 with both ends is fastened to the low carbon steel shaft sleeve. It is fastened to the discharge chamber bottom plate and screen electrode shoe  with appropriate screws to form a divergent magnetic field from the cathode boot to the plate boot.The non-magnetic stainless steel ring cavity is fastened on the bottom plate of the discharge chamber with a pressing ring, coaxial with the bottom plate, and evenly open some diversion holes on the outer surface, and open a larger hole on the side close to the bottom plate, which is tightly matched to the bottom plate. The gas duct installed outside, the shunt enters the active working medium, and then evenly injects it radially into the discharge chamber.

Connect the hollow cathode assembly to the cathode shoe with screws, which is located in the center of the bottom plate of the discharge chamber. The hollow cathode assembly is composed of a cathode (multiple boride electron emitter), an extraction electrode, a contact electrode and an electron distribution baffle. Three insulators with shielding caps are used to fasten the lead poles on the mounting seat; two insulators with shielding caps are used to fix the electronic distribution baffle on the lead poles.



It can be used as the ion extraction system of vacuum ion cleaning machine to install molybdenum plate gate in the front end of discharge chamber.The discharge chamber and the variable aperture screen grid are at the same potential. Four shielded insulators are used to fasten the equal-hole accelerator pole to the screen boot, and the gap of about 1.4mm grid plate needs to be maintained.

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