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What is the composition of the vacuum coating machine?

What is the composition of the vacuum coating machine?


What is the composition of the vacuum coating machine?

Vacuum coating machine

Multi-function vacuum coating machine is a hybrid equipment of magnetron sputtering, multi-arc ion and evaporation coating. It is equipped with cylindrical target or planar magnetron target on the basis of multi-arc ion coating machine. The equipment has high ionization rate of ion plating. , The characteristics of high accumulation speed, together with the advantages of magnetron sputtering, low temperature and stability, suitable for plating various composite films.

Multi-function vacuum coating machine-magnetron, intermediate frequency, multi-arc ion coating specific introduction:

①The mixing equipment of transpiration and magnetron sputtering: multifunctional, suitable for mass production, and strong adaptability.

②Mixed application of magnetron sputtering and multi-arc ion plating: multi-arc can improve the quality of bombardment cleaning and add the bonding force between the film and the substrate. Working together with magnetron sputtering can produce composite film (cleaning and activation of high-energy ion source, fast film forming speed).

③Mixed application of multiple pairs of intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering targets and column arc ion plating: intermediate frequency targets are more stable (such as Al), high ionization rate, fast accumulation rate, and uniform film formation. Intermediate frequency reactive sputtering, such as plating SiO2, TiO2, and plating multiple thin films of different raw materials together.

④Mixed application of radio frequency, direct current, intermediate frequency and column arc: radio frequency can directly coat insulating protective film SiO2/Ag/SiO2

⑤Mixed application of cylindrical arc, intermediate frequency and multi-arc: The cylindrical arc ensures high ionization rate and reduces the accumulation of large particles to achieve good binding force and better surface finish. The multifunctional vacuum coating machine is suitable for medium and high-level products such as watch straps, watch cases, glasses frames, mobile phone cases, golf equipment, sanitary ware, accessories, etc.

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