what is hvof coating?

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
Coating or high coating
The speed oxygen fuel coating is a thermal spray coating process that is used to restore or improve the surface properties and dimensions of components.
This will help to extend the life of the equipment as HVOF will significantly increase erosion and wear resistance and prevent corrosion.
The use of Hvof coating technology allows coating materials such as alloys, metals and ceramics to be applied to excellent coverage quality such as hardness and to produce excellent adhesion with base materials.
Therefore, it provides a large amount of wear resistance and prevents corrosion.
Advantages of HVOF coating this metal cover has the advantages of lowest cost, but it will improve the performance of the equipment.
It will also improve electrical performance, enabling components to work at high or low temperatures.
The HVOF thermal spray coating also enables the equipment to operate in harsh environments such as chemical pollution environments.
HVOC also provides efficiency and will improve the life of the supporting components.
Applications and material thermal spraying coatings like HVOF are a useful technology because it provides a large amount of material selection and processes that are environmental-friendly compared to the usual plating processes
The materials covered by this thermal spray include ceramics, alloys, metals, composites and plastics.
The coating process details are like any other thermal spray covering process, and the HVOF material is heated by air flow and accelerated to the surface of the Assembly for better performance.
Through the HVOF process, air flow is generated by mixing and igniting oxygen and fuel (liquid or gas)
Allowed high in the combustion chamber
Pressure Gas accelerated through the nozzle.
The powder is initiated into this stream in which the powder is heated and accelerated to the surface of the Assembly.
Output of a thermal spray coating consisting of thin overlapping platelets.
There are a number of technical experts applying HVOF thermal spray coatings, and they also offer a range of spray covering materials suitable for specific needs.
Base materials such as white metal (
Aluminum, zinc, tin, Babbit, titanium), red metals (bronze, copper)
Gray metal can be high-
Hot spray speed of oxygen fuel.
The best quality of this coverage of the output is guaranteed use
Terminal technology developed for metal connection and maintenance.
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