what is car body glass coating?

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-02
Glass coating is an inorganic material made of silica or quartzSilane-based compound.
Used to protect the painted surface of the body.
It is unlikely to get dirty.
Unlike traditional wax, its gloss and protection can be long
Once applied, it will last.
This is because they do not contain oxidized substances (
Combined with oxygen).
Oxidation weakens the original protection and gloss of many car products, thus making the surface of the car easy to damage.
It is easy to maintain and offers clean, shiny surfaces and long
Lasting protection.
What is the difference between coating and wax?
The main component of the wax is the Brazilian palm wax oil extracted from the palm trees.
Some wax has increased oil in recent years.
Higher quality wax contains more Brazilian oil.
The Brazilian palm wax is oil-based, so it has water.
It has mosquito repellent properties and can blur scratches.
However, there are also shortcomings.
Wax can easily get dirty because of the high viscosity of the oil (
Thick and sticky).
This means dirt can stick to it.
In addition, the wax is sensitive to heat and therefore easy to melt and deteriorate.
Sunlight or heat from the engine can cause wax on the surface of the car to melt.
Wax can also be broken down in the rain or in the car wash.
On the other hand, the coating has the chemical composition of silicon, fluorine and titanium.
These molecules form a thin film coating that penetrates between the molecules on the surface of the car\'s paint painting to form a very powerful protective layer.
The coating is resistant to dirt, heat and rain, and its protection and gloss will last longer than wax.
There are a wide range of coatings, from simple, any consumer can apply, to products for professional use only, its application complexity.
During the application, if the surface of the car is dirty and rough, the material will not attach to the body paint, so it is important to prepare the surface before the application.
Types of glass coated glass
The base coating can be roughly divided into two categories: Quartz-
Silicon-based coatings and silica-based coatings. The quartz-silane-
The glass coating is also known as the \"fully cured glass film type\" with a high gloss and strong durability.
It protects the body by forming a silicone curing coating on the surface of the car.
However, it takes about three weeks for the coating to fully solidify, which is a disadvantage.
It is also expensive because it takes a long time to prepare the product. The silica-
The glass coating, also known as the \"fiberglass type\", also forms a film on the surface of the body.
It is fixed on silicon polymer molecules.
This is a simple recipe, so the production cost is lower.
However, it has poor durability and water resistance compared to quartzsilane-based.
Besides, some fluorine-
Basic coatings like Teflon are used to coat the car body.
They are very durable.
However, they are inferior and the formula is more expensive compared to the glass coating.
Therefore, glass coating is the cutting-edge focus of technology exploration.
Glass coated HybridCurrently, there is also a debate: hydrophilic (attracts water)
Product ratio (repels water)
Car care products.
The glass is hydrophilic.
The new type of glass coating is mixed, adding a silicone resin layer to the existing glass layer, changing the hydrophilic properties of the glass to the hydrophobic properties, resulting in a strong waterproof product.
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