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What are the steps for leak detection of vacuum ion coating equipment?

What are the steps for leak detection of vacuum ion coating equipment?


What are the steps for leak detection of vacuum ion coating equipment?


PVD vacuum coating machine

We introduced various leak detection methods and precautions for PVD vacuum coating machines. There are many types of vacuum leak detection methods, but the overall steps are similar. This article will introduce how to detect leaks in vacuum ion plating equipment. Except for special circumstances, the general vacuum equipment leak detection steps are as follows:


1. Check the drawings. Understand the structure and materials of the inspected equipment parts and the entire equipment, equipment processing level and technology and the process of assembly of the whole machine, the places that need to be tested for leaks, user requirements, and what are the standards for distributed leakage and total leakage , Whether there is dead space, whether there are leaky materials, whether the manufacturing process that is prone to leaks is used, etc.


2. According to the learned maximum allowable leak rate standard and whether it is necessary to find out the different needs of the specific location of the leak, combined with the principles of economy, speed and reliability, select the leak detection device, method and necessary auxiliary equipment, and Draw up a set of vacuum leak detection procedures.


3. Clean the parts of the vacuum equipment under inspection. Remove welding slag and grease, and then clean it. After cleaning, the parts of the vacuum equipment to be inspected must be dried. For small parts with higher requirements, they must be cleaned before baking.


4. Calibrate the leak detection sensitivity of the leak detection method and leak detection equipment used by the vacuum coating equipment, and determine the reaction time of the leak detection device.


5. In the case of the vacuum leak detection method, in order to improve the leak detection sensitivity of the leak detection device, it is necessary to pump the parts of the tested equipment to a higher vacuum degree as much as possible, and, if necessary, bake and degas deal with.


6. Since the equipment and helium price used in the helium mass spectrometry leak detection method are relatively high, other economical leak detection methods or devices should be used as much as possible.


7. In the case that the ion coating machine uses a helium mass spectrometer leak detector to detect leaks, some parts to be inspected that have low requirements for leak detection sensitivity or large leaks in the equipment can be used in the early stage of leak detection. Preliminary leak detection of helium is carried out to save the use of helium.


8. After repairing the large leaks that have been detected, check the equipment for small leaks.


9. All leaks detected by vacuum ion plating equipment must be re-inspected.

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