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What are the sputtering film products included in the semiconductor integrated circuit?

What are the sputtering film products included in the semiconductor integrated circuit?


In semiconductor integrated circuits, the vacuum sputtering coating equipment  film products used include barrier film, electrode interconnection film, photolithography film, contact film, resistance film, capacitor electrode film, etc. The sputtering target materials used mainly include tantalum target, Copper target, titanium target, aluminum target, tungsten titanium target, etc.

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The coating is divided by type. First, it can be divided into two types: dry coating and wet coating.

Among them, dry coating mainly includes three types: vacuum evaporation coating, sputtering coating, and vacuum ion coating.

Vacuum evaporation coating can be subdivided into: anti-evaporation coating (suitable for evaporating low melting point materials, such as gold, silver, zinc sulfide, magnesium fluoride, chromium trioxide, etc.)

Electron beam evaporation coating (can evaporate refractory metals, such as molybdenum, tungsten, germanium, silicon dioxide, alumina, etc.); high-frequency induction heating evaporation coating (high evaporation rate, stable evaporation source temperature, simple operation, and material purity requirements Wider.

Arc heating evaporation coating (especially suitable for materials with a high melting point and a certain degree of conductivity, such as graphite; the device is simple and relatively cheap, the disadvantage is that the micron particles produced by the discharge will affect the consistency of the film);

Laser beam evaporation coating (any high melting point material can be evaporated);

Reactive evaporation coating (evaporate refractory compounds, such as magnesium fluoride, barium oxide, tin oxide, etc.).

Sputtering coating can be divided into:

DC diode sputtering: only suitable for conductive film;

DC tripolar sputtering: only suitable for conductive film;

DC quadrupole sputtering: only suitable for conductive film;

Radio frequency sputtering: using radio frequency power supply, it can be plated with silicon oxide and aluminum oxide materials;

Opposite target sputtering: It can increase the deposition rate and prepare magnetic iron, nickel and other magnetic alloy film ion beam (IBS);

Sputtering: Use an ion source to emit ions;

Magnetron sputtering: Based on DC diode sputtering, the carbon-sulfur analyzer is equipped with a magnet behind the target, and uses arc light to generate electricity for the evaporation source.

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