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What are the special evaporation sources of the evaporation coating machine?

What are the special evaporation sources of the evaporation coating machine?


What are the special evaporation sources of the evaporation coating machine?


PVD vacuum coating equipment

In the vacuum evaporation of alloys and compounds, there is a problem that the evaporation material will decompose at a high temperature and the components with different saturated vapor pressures will evaporate at different speeds. Therefore, the composition of the deposited film is generally different from the composition of the evaporation material. This article will introduce some of the more advanced evaporation sources of the evaporation coating machine.


High frequency induction heating evaporation source is another evaporation source widely used in PVD vacuum coating equipment  technology. This method of heating and evaporation is characterized by high thermal efficiency, large evaporation capacity and simple equipment. Therefore, it has been industrially applied. Its main problem is that boron nitride crucibles with good thermal shock resistance and stable high-temperature chemical properties must be used. Examples of industrial high-frequency induction heating evaporators: in large-scale vacuum evaporation equipment, for example, on steel belts In large-scale equipment for continuous vacuum aluminum plating, the high-frequency induction heating evaporation process has achieved satisfactory results.


The evaporation process using a laser beam evaporation source is an ideal thin film preparation method. This is because the laser can be installed outside the vacuum chamber, which not only simplifies the space layout inside the vacuum chamber, reduces the outgassing of the heating source, but also completely avoids the contamination of the evaporator to the material to be plated, and achieves the coating layer Pursue a purer purpose.


In addition, the laser heating PVD evaporation coating machine can reach extremely high temperatures through this process, and the use of laser beam heating can perform "flash evaporation" of certain alloys or compounds. This ensures that the components of the membrane are pure and prevents fractionation or decomposition of the membrane. However, due to the relatively high manufacturing cost of high-power in-line lasers, the application range of this type of vapor deposition equipment is limited, and it seems that it cannot be widely used in the industry.

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