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What are the requirements of the structure design of vacuum ion coating equipment?

What are the requirements of the structure design of vacuum ion coating equipment?



What are the requirements of the structure design of vacuum ion coating equipment?


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Ion plating is a technology developed in the United States in the early 1950s and is part of aviation technology. Once the technology has been developed, it has developed rapidly. Because it is very effective in improving the durability of cutting tools and molds, which was widely used and spread all over the world. Vacuum ion coating equipment uses heat and energy from plasma to evaporate metal in a vacuum environment to combine it with reactive gas, and then use it to bombard the substrate and finial to be a film. Compared with the traditional immersion coating, it has superior wear resistance and adhesion.


For the design of vacuum ion coating equipment with pressure in the range of 10⁻³Pa~10⁻⁴Pa, there are the following structural requirements:


1.   Resistance value. According to the regulations in the GB/T 11164-99 standard, It will determine the insulation resistance value between different potentials connected to the vacuum chamber .


2.     Ion bombards power supply. Ion coating machines usually have substrate negative bias and ion bombardment power supply. The ion bombardment power supply should have the function of effectively suppressing abnormal discharge to achieve a stable working state.

3.     Substrate rack.There should be an insulation design between the substrate frame and the vacuum chamber body, and the design of the substrate frame should consider the uniformity of the coating film on the substrate.


5.     Heating system. The heating system needs to be reasonably layout, and the heater structure layout should consider the uniform temperature rise of the substrate.


7.     Deposition source. The design of ion plating deposition source should fully consider the ionization rate in the coating process, increase the ionization rate as much as possible, and increase the utilization rate of the target. The power of the deposition source should be reasonably matched, and the position of the deposition source in the vacuum chamber also needs to be reasonably arranged.


9.     Observation window structure. The vacuum coating chamber is design with an observation window, and also design a baffle on the observation window. Its use for observe the working status of the deposition source and other key parts.

10.  Steam and oil trapping. If the equipment air pumping system used diffusion pump as the main pump, then there should be design with an oil vapor trap .

11.  Shielding and measuring device. The vacuum measuring gauge is installed on the low and high vacuum pipelines and the vacuum coating chamber, and the vacuum degree of each part can be measured separately. If the electric field interferes with the measurement, an electric field shielding device should be installed at the measuring port to block the electric field.

12.  The structure of the sealing device. According to the regular in the GB/T 6070 standard, It can determine the structure of the vacuum pipeline, sealing ring, sealing flange and other devices in the equipment.


Vacuum ion plating devices formed films by combining the vaporized metals  and reactive gases,, which is more wear-resistant than wet coating, and effectively to improving the service life of the product. During the coating process, when a discharge occurs, the film-forming metal atoms are ionized in the plasma with high kinetic energy, thereby accelerating and colliding with the substrate, and to formed film with higher adhesion.

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