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What are the requirements for the materials of the evaporation coating machine?

What are the requirements for the materials of the evaporation coating machine?


What are the requirements for the materials of the evaporation coating machine?

vacuum coating machine

Evaporation coating machine is the main application equipment for plastic and decorative coating. For example, evaporation of aluminum coating, plastic products can have a metallic effect. This equipment is often used in the evaporation of electronic products, pump heads, mobile phone frames, mobile phone back shells, and cosmetic surfaces. This article mainly describes the requirements of the equipment for its materials.

First of all, for the shell material of vacuum equipment, there are usually the following requirements:

1. It has good welding performance to ensure easy processing and affordable price as much as possible;

2. Excellent temperature stability, maintaining its mechanical strength and vacuum performance within a certain temperature range;

3. Excellent chemical stability, not easily corroded or oxidized, and will not chemically react with the working fluid in the vacuum system;

4. The saturated vapor pressure should be sufficiently low under normal working temperature and baking temperature conditions;

5. The penetration rate and out-gassing rate should be lower;

6. Good air-tight performance, should not be porous structure, no small holes, cracks or other defects that may cause air leakage;

7. Have certain mechanical strength.

Secondly, there are some special requirements for the materials of high-temperature vacuum equipment. High-temperature vacuum equipment, mainly including vacuum evaporation coating machine and vacuum equipment such as needle welding, annealing and smelting. Its materials involve a wide range, and it is difficult to introduce its thermal properties in detail. The following five points are mainly listed:

1. High temperature heat radiation. The emissivity of various materials needs to be considered.

2. Thermocouple. Mainly understand the thermoelectric potential of commonly used thermocouples.

3. Thermal insulation material. Mainly consider the performance of commonly used ceramics and tolerances of various ceramic parts.

4. Heating body. It is necessary to consider the properties of vacuum furnace heating materials, the main data of commonly used resistance materials, and the physical and mechanical properties of graphite.

5. Vacuum heat treatment. The relationship between the heat treatment temperature and vacuum degree of the materials used in various evaporation coating machines, the annealing temperature corresponding to the materials commonly used in related electronic devices, and the hydrogen burning temperature of the evaporated gold, copper, nickel and other parts.

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