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What are the methods of surface treatment of PVD vacuum coating machine?

What are the methods of surface treatment of PVD vacuum coating machine?


What are the methods of surface treatment of PVD vacuum coating machine 


PVD vacuum coating machine

The cleanliness of the coating process is a major indicator that affects the adhesion of the pvd vacuum coating film. Therefore, in order to avoid vacuum pollution, the surface cleaning of equipment parts is very important. There are four basic methods for surface treatment of pvd vacuum coating machines:


1. Solvent degreasing


The grease adhered to the parts of the pvd vacuum coating equipment can be divided into two types: animal and vegetable oils and mineral oils. Alkaline solution can be used to chemically remove animal and vegetable oil; organic solvents can be used to remove mineral oil.


However, in practical applications, these two kinds of grease are often present at the same time, so it is often necessary to use a variety of different solvents to clean the equipment parts.


2. Erosion treatment of acid or alkali


After the equipment is degreasing, it can be treated with acid or alkaline etching to remove the oxides on the metal surface. After heat treatment, the equipment parts are no longer oily, and can be directly treated with acid/alkali etching to remove the oxide layer pollution left after vacuum annealing.

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