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What are the main PVD sputtering coating materials?(PVD vaccum coating equipment/PVD sputtering coating machine)

What are the main PVD sputtering coating materials?(PVD vaccum coating equipment/PVD sputtering coating machine)


What are the main PVD sputtering coating materials?(PVD vaccum coating equipment/PVD sputtering coating machine


PVD sputtering coating machine

The sputtering target is a target material bombarded by high-speed energetic particles. It has the characteristics of high purity, high density, multi-component, uniform crystal grains, etc. It is generally composed of a target blank and a back plate (or back tube). According to the different raw materials used, sputtering targets can be divided into metal/non-metal elementary targets, alloy targets, compound targets, etc. The specific meanings of the main processes of PVD sputtering coating equipment materials are as follows:


(1) Powder smelting: In the early stage, the raw material powder is sintered in an atmosphere to control the gas content in the raw material powder.


(2) Powder mixing: The PVD sputtering coating material has a unique formula, and the content of each component needs to be accurately controlled, and the content of impurities is strictly limited. In the process of powder metallurgy, each element needs to be fully mixed and uniform, and the particle size distribution is uniform. To prevent pollution, and to prepare mixed composite powder through special technological means.


(3) Press molding: The PVD sputtering coating material prepared by powder metallurgy technology needs to pre-press the powder material to make it into a medium-density green body, and its density uniformity and internal defects affect the yield of the later high-temperature sintering .


(4) Plastic processing: The metal billet needs to undergo a large amount of plastic deformation to obtain sufficient length, width, and thickness, and make the internal grains undergo sufficient tensile deformation, thereby generating enough dislocations inside.


(5) Heat treatment: After the metal billet undergoes a large amount of plastic deformation, the heat treatment process is selected according to the characteristics of different materials, so that the metal material is recrystallized and the internal stress of the material is removed.


(6) Atmosphere sintering: The pre-compressed green body needs to be sintered at high temperature one or more times. Different sintering temperature curves are selected according to different materials, and different sintering environments, such as sintering atmosphere, sintering pressure, etc., are selected to prepare Into a high-density target blank.


(7) Ultrasonic flaw detection: After the target blank is processed, it is necessary to use ultrasound to check whether there are defects in the material. After the target blank and the back plate are bound, a water immersion ultrasonic scanner needs to be used to detect the bonding layer to inspect the bonding Whether the area meets the standard.


(8) Machining: The target blank needs to be processed by precise mechanical forming. The back plate used in combination with the target blank is required to have extremely high dimensional accuracy and machinery due to its precise coordination with the PVD vacuum coating equipment and high-pressure water cooling. The strength and processing difficulty are relatively high, especially for the back plate with internal circulating water circuit. Due to the particularity of the material, the closed welding of the water circuit is very difficult, and a special welding process is required.


(9) Metallization coating: Before the target blank and the back plate are bound, in order to enhance the metal wetting performance of the target and the target and the solder, the welding surface needs to be pretreated to coat the surface with a transition layer .


(10) Binding: Due to the limited physical or chemical properties of the material, most target materials cannot be directly installed and used for coating. Metal solder is required to weld the target blank and the back plate to each other, and the effective surface bonding rate needs to be greater than 95% of large area welding, the whole process needs to be carried out under high temperature and high pressure.


Typical applications of PVD sputtering coating machine materials include: flat panel displays, optical components, energy-saving glass, semiconductors, solar cells and other industries.

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