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What are the functions of vacuum coating materials?

What are the functions of vacuum coating materials?


What are the functions of vacuum coating materials

 PVD vacuum coating machine

Currently, thin film material preparation technologies mainly include: PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition Technology) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology. After years of development, pvd vacuum coating technology has become the current mainstream coating method, mainly including vacuum evaporation and vacuum sputtering.


The thin film grows on the substrate (such as screen display glass, optical glass, etc.), generally formed by metal, non-metal, alloy or compound and other materials after coating, with cut-off, absorption, filtering, antireflection, spectroscopy, reflection, protection , Interference, anti-static, anti-fouling, waterproof, magnetic, insulating, conductive, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, radiation protection, oxidation resistance, composite and decoration functions, and can improve product quality, energy saving, environmental protection, Improve original performance, extend product life, etc.


Pvd Vacuum coating technology is one of the main techniques for preparing thin film materials. It refers to the use of physical methods to vaporize a certain substance surface into gaseous atoms, molecules or part of the ionization into ions in a vacuum state, and pass low-pressure gas (or plasma) Process, the technology of depositing a thin film material with a special function on the surface of the substrate material. Under vacuum coating technology, the materials used to prepare thin film materials are collectively referred to as vacuum coating materials.


Vacuum coating materials are mainly used to prepare various thin film materials with specific functions. The application fields include semiconductors, high-end decorative products, energy-saving glass, optical components, tool modification, flat panel displays, magneto-optical recording media, LEDs, solar cells, etc.

PVD Vacuum coating machine/PVD Vacuum coating machine

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