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What are the environmental requirements of PVD vacuum coating machine?

What are the environmental requirements of PVD vacuum coating machine?


What are the environmental requirements of PVD vacuum coating machine

vacuum coating machine 

The environmental requirements of vacuum coating machine usually include: requirements for parts or surfaces in a vacuum environment, and requirements for the surrounding environment such as the temperature, humidity, and particles in the air in the workshop or laboratory. The two requirements are closely related to each other. The conditions of the use environment will have a direct impact on the normal use of the coating equipment; and whether the vacuum chamber of the coating machine or the parts installed in the equipment are clean will also have a direct impact on the performance of the equipment.


If the air in the environment contains a lot of water vapor, dust, etc., and the vacuum chamber of the PVD coating machine has not been vacuum cleaned, it is difficult to achieve the expected vacuum if the equipment is vacuumed directly through the oil-sealed mechanical pump. Degree. Because the oil-sealed mechanical pump is not suitable for working in an environment that chemically reacts to vacuum oil, is corrosive to metals, and contains particulate dust.


This is because water vapor is a kind of condensable gas. When the vacuum pump pumps a large amount of condensable gas, it will cause more serious pollution to the pump oil, reduce the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump, and pump the vacuum pump. Damage to gas performance.


For gas containing particulate dust, the dust in the industrial environment can be divided into dust, smoke and powder.


1. Dust


Any substance, whether in a solid or liquid state, as long as it is in a granular state, can be called a "dust particle". The air cleanliness standard can be determined by the size of the dust particle diameter, so as to formulate the level of the clean room. This indicator is not only suitable for industrial production departments with cleanliness requirements, but also suitable for vacuum coating requirements for a clean environment .


2. Smoke body


Smoke body refers to a substance system in which tiny particles exist in a solid or liquid state and exist in a suspended state in a gas.


3. Powder


The collection of tiny solid particles is called "powder", and the tiny substances that can be counted one by one are called "particles". The powder is a collection or dispersion of powder or solid particles.

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