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What are the components of the automatic control of the PVD vacuum coating machine?

What are the components of the automatic control of the PVD vacuum coating machine?


What are the components of the automatic control of the PVD vacuum coating machine?

PVD vacuum coating machine
In the automatic control system of the PVD vacuum coating machine, the core of the automatic control device (such as programmable controller, etc.) and industrial control machine, microcomputer, single-chip computer, etc. In addition, some general-purpose automatic control components or devices are commonly used, including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and other types. Such as switches, limit switches, buttons, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves, control motors, motors, transformers, fuses, relays, contactors, and signal lights. Some automated industrial instruments are also used, such as pressure and temperature control and measurement instruments. In addition to these general automatic control devices, automatic control components, automatic instruments, there are also dedicated vacuum gauges, vacuum valves and corresponding regulating valves.

1. Vacuum relay

The device is an automatically switchable switch, which is turned on or off according to the gas pressure at the vacuum measuring point in the vacuum device. From the perspective of its principle, in addition to the compression vacuum gauge, other vacuum gauges, vacuum gauges, etc. can be configured with appropriate control circuits to form a vacuum relay. Among them, the micro-computerized vacuum gauge is particularly special, and the pressure control point can be set more conveniently through software. Any pressure control point can be set within the pressure control range of the vacuum relay. If the pressure measurement value is equal to the pressure setting value, the corresponding control signal is sent to open or close the non-contact or contact switch inside, so that the automatic pressure control can be realized.

2. Vacuum gauge

In the automatic control system of vacuum coating equipment, the vacuum environment is often measured. Because there are many types of coating processes and the working pressure ranges of various equipment are different, they may encounter various types of 10⁻⁵Pa~10⁵Pa. Kind of vacuum measurement in a vacuum chamber. Commonly used vacuum gauges include ultra-high vacuum gauges, ionization vacuum gauges, capacitor thin film vacuum gauges, thermocouple vacuum gauges, resistance vacuum gauges, etc. At present, vacuum gauges on the market also include remote control telemetry, pressure adjustment, RS-232C and other communication interfaces, analog output and other functional modules that can be selected by users. Therefore, if a vacuum gauge has a higher configuration, it needs to be able to measure accurate vacuum, display the value, automatically correct the error, automatically switch the range and other basic functions. In addition, it is also required to send a signal at the set pressure value to control the pressure. Automatically adjust the pressure through the pressure setting value, print the measured value and record it, and contact the host computer.

As the automatic control components of the coating machine are becoming more and more multifunctional, for example, most vacuum gauges can not only implement basic vacuum measurement functions, but also perform pressure relay control (except for individual dedicated pressure control vacuum relays). It is difficult to strictly divide the boundary between the vacuum gauge and the vacuum relay.

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