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What are the characteristics of S gun magnetron sputtering coating machine technology?

What are the characteristics of S gun magnetron sputtering coating machine technology?


 What are the characteristics of S gun magnetron sputtering coating machine technology

magnetron sputtering coating machine

The S-gun pvd magnetron sputtering coating technology started in 1968. Clarke developed a sputtering source through the magnetic channel inside the cylindrical surface. This sputtering source is called "S gun" or "sputter gun". The S-gun magnetron sputtering coating not only has the unique "high speed and low temperature" coating characteristics of magnetron sputtering, but also has a higher target utilization rate due to the special cooling method and target shape of the sputtering target. The advantages of uniform film thickness, high target sputtering density and easy replacement of target materials.


1. Features of S gun magnetron sputtering structure:


The unique "S gun" magnetron sputtering target structure is composed of an inverted cone cathode target, an auxiliary anode, a grounded shield, a detachable shield ring, a pole shoe, a permanent magnet, a water cooling jacket and other components. The wall of the pvd sputtering vacuum coatingchamber is grounded; it is connected to the cathode target with a negative potential of hundreds of volts; the auxiliary anode can also be grounded (or connected to a positive potential of tens of volts); the substrate can also be grounded (biased or suspended) .


2. The gap between the target material and the water cooling jacket should have an appropriate design:


(1) When the target is not working, keep a certain gap between the target and the water cooling jacket to facilitate the replacement of the target;


(2) When the target is working, due to the heating, the target and the water cooling jacket will be close together, ensuring the heat dissipation effect of the target.


3. Auxiliary anode:


The auxiliary anode can absorb low-energy electrons to reduce the electron bombardment of the substrate.


4. Removable shield ring:


The detachable shielding ring can prevent non-target parts from sputtering, and can be detached to facilitate the removal of the film deposited on the ring.


5. Abnormal glow discharge:


On the surface of the cathode target, the ring magnet forms a curvilinear magnetic field, which forms an orthogonal electromagnetic field with the electric field. Electrons make a compound motion of spiral and cycloid in the electromagnetic field, thereby generating abnormal glow discharge.


Except for the above-mentioned anode, cathode, shielding ring and cooling device, the functions of other components are basically the same as those of other magnetron targets. The main advantages of S-gun pvd magnetron sputtering coating technology are long life, high speed, large area, and low sputtering source temperature. Compared with non-magnetic sputtering sources, this magnetron sputtering source can achieve lower atmospheric pressure. Work, and has a higher sputtering coating rate. With these excellent characteristics, magnetron sputtering coating machine has become the most widely used PVD coating technology.

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