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What are the characteristics of coaxial cylindrical magnetron sputtering coating equipment?

What are the characteristics of coaxial cylindrical magnetron sputtering coating equipment?


What are the characteristics of coaxial cylindrical magnetron sputtering coating equipment?


magnetron sputtering coating machine

In the coaxial cylindrical magnetron sputtering coating equipment(PVD sputtering coating machine), the negative potential voltage range of the sputtering target is 500V to 600V. The substrate is biased, suspended or grounded. On a plane symmetrical to the permanent magnet, the magnetic field lines are parallel to the target surface and orthogonal to the electric field. The space enclosed by the target surface and the lines of magnetic force is a plasma region that restrains the movement of electrons. In the process of glow discharge, sputtering occurs on the target surface due to continuous ion bombardment, and the film material is deposited on the substrate to form a thin film.


1. Target structure:


The main structure of the coaxial cylindrical pvd magnetron sputteringtarget is composed of permanent magnets, cathode targets, water nozzle holders, shields, insulating sleeves, supporting devices, gaskets, sealing rings, flanges, pipes, nuts, nuts and other components. .


2. The choice of permanent magnet:


Magnetron sputtering targets commonly used aluminum nickel cobalt alloy, barium ferrite, strontium ferrite and other materials to make permanent magnets. For the specifications and dimensions of the permanent magnets, usually the specifications with the same diameter and length; for the end face field strength of the magnets, it is usually about 0.15T, which can ensure that the target surface maintains a parallel magnetic field of about 0.03T.


3. Cathode target barrel:


As a cathode target barrel made of membrane materials. The target tube material is required to have a smooth surface, high purity and good compactness. The specifications and dimensions of the cathode target barrel can be customized as required, and the cooling effect of the target barrel itself is limited by the inner diameter, and the magnetic field on the target surface and the service life of the target are determined by the wall thickness. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the mechanical strength, the wall thickness of 5mm-10mm is generally selected.


4. Gasket:


In the magnetron sputtering target, gaskets should be installed between the permanent magnet units. The gasket should be made of materials with good magnetic permeability, such as pure iron, low carbon steel and other materials. Regarding the specification and size of the gasket, its diameter is usually about 5mm larger than the diameter of the permanent magnet, and the thickness is 3mm-5mm. Such size specifications can use magnetization to form a more ideal magnetic field on the target surface, expand the target's affected area and increase the overall rate of sputtering coating.


The core of this new type of coaxial cylindrical magnetron sputtering coating equipment (PVD sputtering coating machine)lies in its plasma inverted cylindrical magnetron cathode (ICM). This cathode is sputtered from the inside of the cylinder, and the coating quality that can be achieved is extremely high, and It is suitable for coating various uneven shapes on substrates. The key of this equipment is that the substrate to be coated is placed opposite to the target ring, the cathode is equipped with dual targets, and the cathode is driven by an intermediate frequency AC power supply. With the acceleration of the sputtering atoms, the electrons will cross the magnetic field lines until the electrons leave the end of the cathode, which will attract positive ions to bombard the target, thereby providing a certain ion bombardment effect without the need to configure a separate ion source for bombardment.

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