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What are the advantages of the vacuum evaporation heat treatment ?

What are the advantages of the vacuum evaporation heat treatment ?


What are the advantages of the vacuum evaporation heat treatment ?


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Since the 1960s, The air-cooled vacuum heat treatment furnaces have appeared in china. Since then, the tool steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy steel can be vacuum quenched. Until the 1970s, the oil-cooled vacuum heat treatment furnaces and water-cooled vacuum heat treatment furnaces were successively developed, which further expanded the scope of vacuum heat treatment of steel materials and parts.

Before evaporation, the evaporation material needs to be heat treated in the vacuum chamber to remove the adsorbed gas (that is, the pre-melting or degassing process). When degassing, the evaporation source is blocked by the movable baffle to prevent evaporation material from being plated on the sample during the degassing process. Since the heat treatment of vacuum evaporation depends on the material, the heat treatment methods used are also different for the different materials. Generally speaking, they are normalizing, quenching and tempering.


The surface of the parts after vacuum heat treatment is very bright, which is a special feature of vacuum heat treatment. Not only that, the vacuum heat treatment process has the following advantages:


1Temperature uniformity .Because heating in the vacuum environment, the main way for heating device is heat radiation, not the convection. Therefore, the temperature uniformity if heating device when under 1200°C of high temperature, the perturbation of temperature are not over 5 °C.


2The heating treatment work-piece will not deformation and craze. Because of the slow heating, there will not big temperature difference between inside and outside , then the work-piece will not deformation during the heating process.

3High speed steel changed from salt bath treatment to vacuum heat treatment,can obtain very good effect. Such as extend the life-time for cutter, do not oxidizing, Decarburization, carburization, hydrogen embrittlement, etc.


4The parts that through heating treatment, can be directly to electroplate, do not need to be cleaning, uniol or others technical of surface treatment.


5simple operation, Any material quenched with oil and air can be heat treated to the highest hardness.

6For some special high-demand processing technology, it is easier to realize in vacuum and can be carried out as a normal operation.

7This technology is safe, pollution-free, and heat treatment in good environment.

8Most vacuum heat treatment equipment have multiple heat treatment functions, including carburizing, annealing, quenching, bright quenching, brazing, sintering, etc., and the equipment is highly mechanized which can saves human resources.


Due to the rapid development of the aerospace field and computer industry in recent years, the development of vacuum evaporation heat treatment technology has been further promoted. In China, many types of vacuum heat treatment furnaces have been developed one after another and put into scientific research and production applications. Obviously, this technology has been gradually improved, but vacuum heat treatment inevitably also has shortcomings. The  main disadvantage is that  may cause some special steels to decarburize, and the cooling rate is slow, the materials needed for equipment manufacturing are more expensive, and exist a amount of noise.

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