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What are the advantages of optical coating processing?

What are the advantages of optical coating processing?


What are the advantages of optical coating processing?

The use of vacuum optical coating equipment for optical coating processing is a very important aspect of the development of vacuum system applications. It is based on vacuum processing technology, using physics or chemistry teaching methods, and absorbing electron beams, molecular beams, ion beams, etc. A series of new technologies provide a new process for film preparation for scientific research and actual production.

Optical coating processing is a method of heating metal or non-metallic materials in a high vacuum to evaporate and condense on the surface of the coated parts to form a thin film. Such as vacuum aluminum plating, vacuum chrome plating and so on. Optical coating processing is widely used in titanium steel jewelry. Through the application of coating processing, the surface of the object is coated with a metal film, combined with organic and inorganic materials to improve its physical properties and product appearance changes.

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