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What are the advantages of metallized evaporation coating machine?

What are the advantages of metallized evaporation coating machine?


What are the advantages of metallized evaporation coating machine

 PVD vacuum coating machine

Since the 1960s, The world  have begun to apply pressure diffusion, electron beam, gas discharge and other technologies in the metal-ceramic sealing process, so many new process methods have been produced. Such as electron beam welding, diffusion welding, ion coating, evaporation metallization coating, sputtering metallization coating, etc. These methods further expand the range of materials used, and at the same time improve the airtightness and mechanical strength of the sealing parts, and can meet the needs of many technologies such as aerospace and atomic energy for metal-ceramic sealing processes. .


The disadvantage of metalized evaporation coating technology is that it is difficult to evaporate refractory metals, but there are many advantages:


The metallization temperature range is between 300°C and 400°C, and the temperature is relatively low, so the possibility of ceramic deformation or cracking is avoided.


It can adapt to various media such as 99% BeO porcelain, 99% Al₂O₃ porcelain, quartz, etc., if it can be metalized, and obtain good air tightness.


Compared with the molybdenum-manganese method and the active method, the metallized evaporation coating sealing technology has a higher sealing strength.


The evaporative metallized seal has good air tightness. The metallized evaporation coating process can also be used for the clamping, flat sealing and sleeve sealing of 95% Al₂O₃ ceramics and Kovar parts, and oxygen-free copper.

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